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Tim Burton sucks.

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Apr 9, 2006
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his batman movies were just a cheap imitation of Batman. i mean his batman couldnt even turn his neck! he was always turning his whole body with his arms to his sides! this *****bag actually believes that people still wanna see freakin gumbi crap on the big screen! hello earth to burton!! its 2006! we have special effects and cg animation now!! ya gothic freak!!

ok i admit it i loved the batman films i still do, just not as much. and i thought it was the real story you know joker killed his parents and all that crap. then when i saw bb i was like...WHAT IS THIS PIECE OF CRAP??!! after leaving the theater in a rage after the movie was over i came across my friend who is a real batman fanatic. and i asked him can you believe this piece of crap actually made it into theaters? he then explained to me that the old batman flicks werent the real story of batman this is how it originally happened in the comics. so i thank god for the writers of bb for bringing the real story of batman to the bigscreen and showing me the true batman since i probably never will get a chance to read any of the comics.:batman: :joker: :hq:
ganstaman56 sucks.

And $3 comics really aren't that expensive...
It's true Burton films argubaly havent aged well (and I do stress the word argubaly) but lol@ this shock thread
I love Batman Begins sure Nplan's film film is better but Burton I do not agree taht he sucks he just wanted show his vision of Batman sure villains are the focus but Batman 89 and Returns are fun to watch.
And even if Batman '89 was a bad movie, it's one of several films he's created. So this guy is saying Tim Burton sucks because Batman '89. Even Speilberg has created 1 flop or 2.
this threads suck so I'm closing it
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