Iron Man World Tony Stark: My Dinner with Bruce


May 8, 2000
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Say there were a fan fiction film, featuring a non-action based, strictly dialogue, dinner and conversation between Bruce Wayne (bale, nolan films) and Tony Stark (downey, favreau/whedon films.) Maybe these guys meet once a year to catch up..

what would they talk about? what would be their views on crime prevention; gadgets, arms and weaponry; fine wine; fine women; running a tech corporation; secret vs. public identities; dealing with government forces; taking on sidekicks/allies; real butler vs. computer butler, renting out stadiums for movie screenings, etc.

"Bruce, I'm telling you man, you should just own it and come clean, like I did.. it's just so much better for your inner chi, no more existential angst, no more expensive therapist.. unless it's a hot, female therapist.. do you have a hot therapist?"

what type of humor and insight could come from this, it could be interesting, to see both actors picking each others heads with improvisation..
Bruce Wayne would play his "Playboy" persona. Tony Stark is a playboy already. It would be hilarious scene. Something like this :


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