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Top 10 Baddest Bad Guys. . .


Jul 14, 2002
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. . .according to the Angry Video Game Nerd. :yay:

Without looking I can guess that Darth Vader is either number one or very near it. Am I correct?
Sweet. Then it's not predictable and cookie cutter. I'll give it a look.

EDIT: Waaaaaaait just a minute. Do they have Hitler high up on that list, though?
HELL YEAH! Cpt. Rhodes from Day of the Dead gets a mention finally!!
Biff at number 1?? I need to go watch B2TF movies again.

....Interesting list though.
Biff is the most evil ****in' bastard in cinematic history. :oldrazz:

He makes Darth Vader and Hannibal Lecter look like ****in' Care Bears. :woot:
Thats a interesting list for sure. Each to their own I guess,lot of those guys I would'nt peg as 'baddest'..

Theres just so many bad guys that are 'bad' or deserving of 'bad mofo'. Its all subjective and everyone would have different bad guys as favorites or what they consider bad..
Some of my favorite or my opinion of some good bad guys(not in any particular order).

1. Agent Smith(Matrix Trilogy)
2.Simon Phoneix(demolition man)
4.Stuntman Mike(DeathProof)
5.Lex Luthor(Superman movies)
7.Jiggsaw(Saw Trilogies)
8.Rutger Hauers' character(Blade Runner)
9. Darth Maul(Phantom Menace)
10. Darth Vader(SW-all)

Its hard to put whos the 'baddest' tag on some,it just varies or what criteria you put on them.
*could add, Jaws(from jaws),Infected(28weeks/days later),Riddick(Pitch Black),Hannible Lector,Gollem,Freddy Krueger,Jason,Pinhead,list could go on forever.
AVGN is an awesome. he made this great zombie short film a few months back.
Clarence Boddicker. Everybody misses him on these top ten villain lists.

come on, he was a little b!tch with daddy issues. Maximus had a mortal wound and he STILL kicked his a$$. Commodus shouldn't be in the top 10, hell, even the top 100, much less the top 3. :down
btw, everyone knows Lumbergh's the baddest of all. yeeeeeeeeeah...
Bennett from Commando made the list :up:

Some hilarious choices there.

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