Transformers The Movie (2007) Soundtrack

doesnt even sound like TF music....... probably from the cartoon
Jablonsky, "awesome???" I'm not saying he's bad, but what has ever done that has ever resonated or lasted? At worse, he's sorta cliched bombastic sorta Video Game-ish (which suits Bay)... and at best he's just OK. He aint no Danny Elfman, that's for sure.

Having said that, I LIKE the score I've heard in the newer TF trailers. I like it a lot.
Yeah, I like The Island soundtrack for what it is but a franchise like Transformers needs something with a bit more oomph, and that TF game music is certainly not it IMO. The trailer stuff was okay but it's still pretty generic, although I don't think Jablonsky did that anyway.
None really, just the previous news that the Goo Goo Dolls is proving the cover theme for the Sam and Mikela relationship, 'Fiction (Before It's Too Late)'
Dude, you did go to that site- right? I think Aye was messing with us about those artists being on the soundtrack.

Though, 3 Days Grace would be AWESOME to have- love their song, "Animal that I have become" :sym:

1 "What I've Done" Linkin Park
2 "DoomsDay Clock" Smashing Pumpkins
3 "This Moment" Disturbed
4 "Before It's Too Late(Sam and Mikaela's Theme" Goo Goo Dolls
5 "Pretty Handsome Awkward" The Used
6 "Passion's Killing Floor" HIM
7 "What It Feels Like To Be A Ghost?" Taking Back Sunday
8 "Second To None" Styles Of Beyond
9 "End Of The World" Armor For Sleep
10 "Retina And The Sky" Idiot Pilot
11 "Technical Difficulties" Julien - K
12 "Transformers Theme" Mutemath


1. Linkin Park, that's the song we heard in the trailers.

2-3. These will be our more 'rock' bands, with Disturbed taking on the more really heavy rock side.

4-5. Goo Goo Dolls is a Sam and Mikela 'cover', can be heard now on these forums. The Used would also fit in this 'S&M' category.

6. The Used is a rock band as well, sounds more like 90s going into recent rock.

7. Originally I was skeptical about Taking Back Sunday, but thinking over it again- they could provide a cool song for the Sam and Mikela aspects of the story. Probably dealing with how Sam can never get Mikela's attention in the way that he wants.

8. Styles of Beyond is more of a hip-hop/rap type artist.

9-10. Armor for Sleep, and Idiot Pilot are also artists that fit more for the Sam and Mikela aspects of the story.

11. Couldn't listen to artist on ITunes.

12. This song can be heard now on the forums, sounds similar to a 'Link Park' type song.

its the video for "before it's too late" by the goo goo dolls.
this premiered on vspot on vh1.

i didnt upload this myself but i was lucky to find on here. however i still need to watch this if the quality is ok
Has there been any news on a score soundtrack?
Fckin' awesome vid man. Really alot of cool clips- don't watch if you don't like spoilers, but if you're like me and are really okay with segments of spoilers and it never gets old (like some reviews have been stating, fcking off the hook even tenth time in a row) watch it. Very cool vid. Beats 'Hero' around (the Spider-Man theme music video). Very high production quality in this vid.
When is the score coming...??

Bara-tatatatatada-bara-tatatatadatata!! :p
Is watching the Goo Goo Dolls video gonna ruin the movie for me? Heard there was a bunch of new footage that might give things away.
Damn it, one song I want. Not even sure who did it. It's the song that appeared in the GM spot/MTV Clip for those that haven't seen the movie yet. For those that have seen the movie, I am thinking it was when all of them were driving because it was very upbeat.

Youtubed clip/spot I am talking about.
I am pretty sure it's on there dude, I have the soundtrack already- still buying it tomorrow- and it's fcking awesome man.
Crap I don't like any of those songs.:cmad: Dum Linkin Park and there new song I hates it.

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