Transformers: The War for Cybertron

I just picked this up today for £5 on a steam sale.
Really surprised by how good it is, great voice acting, out and out action.
Yeah, it was a fun game. The AI is especially useless so I recommend playing co-op.
Other than stopping dead and blocking my path now and again I haven't had any realy problems with them. The chatter between them seems really done, total pantomime. The other thing I like is that is has no wallcover and you can circle straffing while shooting big robot people guns.
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TwFC is a really good game, I like it a lot. Looking forward to a sequel... Hopefully.
TwFC is a really good game, I like it a lot. Looking forward to a sequel... Hopefully.
its been confirmed there will be a sequel, if they can translate another game with having to do with the G1 characters on Earth than I would definitely pick it up.
War for Cybertron was definitely one of the best blatant Gears rip-offs. :up:
I still play this. Got over 9000 kills and only 5000 deaths.
I'm not saying Marcus Fenix needs to be able to turn into a tank in Gears 3. I'm just saying it probably couldn't hurt.
The third person wall cover took a lot of getting used to after Halo had me programmed to run into rooms, gun blazing.
Halo promoted the idea of two weapons at a time and auto-aim. Also sucks imo.
The narrative in this game is really well done. I know I already said that, but the chatter is really well done. It totally captures the spirit of the cartoon.
I'm still terrible with cover-based games. I have trouble figuring out when I'm supposed to risk running out from behind cover to move around, so I just huddle behind whatever cover I have and any halfway decent AI outflanks me. :csad:
I dare say i'm enjoying this more than Portal 2, second fav game of the year so far (even though it's not this year). The pc port is lazy sadly and i can't play Co-OP because no one else is. Dead as a door nail. I think this along with racing games and games like Street Fighter IV would benifit from crossplay as they are inherently more popular on consoles.
This was a great Transformers game. I didn't know it was even possible to make one.

Very much looking forward to the sequel.
I'm not saying Marcus Fenix needs to be able to turn into a tank in Gears 3. I'm just saying it probably couldn't hurt.
I meleed plenty in this game. That part where you have to keep Ratchet alive while he repairs Zeta, I was slapping Decepticons and saving bullets.
The melee was useful in multiplayer and escalation (save ammo) too.
Finished this again recently. Still a great game. Ordered Fall of Cybertron and will soon finally be able to continue the story with that game. Haven't bought it when it first came out, because I was short on cash.

Did Fall of Cybertron change the gameplay in any way? Did it improve the vehicle mode? I was disappointed that the vehicle mode didn't have any decent combat options, outside of guns or using the ram attack if your character had it. Thats something I thought the Revenge of the Fallen tie-in did exceptionally well. It made the combat between robot and vehicle mode feel seamless.

Disappointed that High Moon has been gutted by Activision, and we won't get a proper sequel to these games. Instead we get a cross-over game with the Bayformers. I don't really hate the idea behind it, but I wish we'd get a proper G1 game, with the Transformers landing on earth and doing their shenanigans there, before parallel universes get introduced. And if they have to cross-over with any Transformers, I'd prefer they would cross over with Transformers that have similar design sensibilities, and don't look so completely different like the Bayformers. Seeing the comic Transformers standing next to their Movie counterparts, will feel completely jarring.

There was a Dreamwave comic, can't remember the story behind it, where the G1 Transformers met the ones from Armada. Now that's something I'd love to see. What other Transformers generation would you like to see in place of the Bayformers?



PlayStation 4, Xbox One
[FONT=&quot]Transformers: Fall of Cybertron for PS4, Xbox One launches August 9[/FONT]

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Includes three add-on packs.


The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron will launch tomorrow, August 9.

If you’re in Austrlia, the game is now available via the PlayStation Store and Xbox Games Store.

The current-gen release is ported by Fun Labs and includes the “Multiplayer Havoc Pack,” “Dinobot Destructor Pack,” and “Massive Fury Pack” add-ons.
Thanks, @lifelower and @sora96.

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