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Trying to find an anime from my childhood


Sul Sul!
Feb 9, 2008
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I'm trying to remember this anime I watched a lot as a kid, when I was about 9-10 (1999-2000). I believe it was on Cartoon Network - maybe on Toonami? The details are hazy, but I'll share what I remember in hopes of rediscovering it:

It was about this guy and a group of girls, and I think they lived at a bath house or something? They were all gaga over him, but he wasn't really interested. This went on for a while, until in a later season, I think, (or a spin-off series?) he moved away and fell in love with this young woman. But it turns out she's nothing but a "shadow" created by this evil magical little girl. I don't remember much other than that, except that the girl he was with would fade in and out of photographs.
Sounds like one of the Tenchi Muyo series from the first half of that description. Falling in love with the shadow girl makes me think its Tenchi in Tokyo, but i never saw the latter half of that series, its pretty poo compared to Tenchi Muyo and Tenchi Universe.

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