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Uncutt, OHHH!!

I'm going to stroke it

Your arms are broken

LOL, my brother thought they were actually trying to speak english...LOL
If I'm not mistaken, that's the Japanese opening credits song for Duck Tales?
LMAO!! Oh god, I love Duck Tales. Reading along with the "lyrics" provided, I'm almost convinced that's what they're singing!
i'm addicted.

can't close the browser window...
i've been listening to it for the last 20 minutes...
That is so awesome!
The Riddler said:
i've been listening to it for the last 20 minutes...
make that 30...

i know i'm doing permanent damage but i can't close it...:(
You Taco Nazi!
taco nazi is the best phrase from the song.
I know, that's why it now has a place in my heart... and my custom user title.
Makes me proud of my Finnish heritage
it's like sex for my ears.

i'm so glad i have ears.

*fondles ears*
Eyin' up and down that sappy nun.

I lus me some finnish ducktales.

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