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Sep 14, 2010
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Is this site too Marvel/DC focused for discussion of this mid-tier companies universe of interconnected heroes?

Valiant Entertainment relaunched their line in 2012 after going through bankruptcy and legal wrangling were settled in 2008. Valiant was one of the top 4/5 publishers in the 90's for those who may not know.

Popular Titles/Characters include:
XO Manowar
Archer & Armstrong
Eternal Warrior
Ivar the Timewalker
Quantum & Woody
The Valiant - a 4 part premiere jumping on point will include most all of the important characters so new readers can get a feel for them and current readers see what they've been up to.

IGN believes you should be giving VALIANT titles a shot.

Ever since Valiant Comics was rebooted in 2012, they have astounded fans and critics alike with their small but strong line of books. They recruited top talent from the industry to usher in a modern age of Valiant stories. Their signature character X-O Manowar led the charge, paving the way for the likes of Harbinger, Eternal Warrior and more. It can't be denied that the publisher has played their hand carefully and smartly, sticking to a select few titles and putting all of their resources into making them as entertaining and engrossing as possible.

If you haven't jumped on the Valiant bandwagon yet, now is the time. What's best about their books is that there's something for everyone.

Are you reading VALIANT and if so what are you enjoying?
Did you try them and perhaps try the wrong title or give up too early?
If not, do you think you might try one in lieu of 7th Bat title or 6th Avengers title for a few months?
I like Valiant. Their reasonably priced first volume graphic novels allowed me to read several of the title's first arcs. I haven't stayed consistently on them though. I've enjoyed Unity the most. I also liked Blood Shot and XO Manowar, though I'm not reading them consistently. Archer & Armstrong started off strong, but I didn't continue reading them. I thought Quantum & Woody were alright, but not that interested in that series. Shadowman started off with some really excellent artwork, but I'm not that big into mystical stories so it didn't fully grab me. I didn't care for Eternal Warrior and the first issue of Rai didn't grab me.

I enjoyed what I read-for the most part-of the Armor Hunters miniseries. The Harbinger Wars graphic novel I read, in comparison, wasn't as kick ass, though it did have quite a bit of action.

Valiant is a refreshing alternative to Marvel and DC IMO. I only hope they continue to grow.
Fans of Science Fiction and Future Tech you're opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the next arc of RAI starts now!

Rai #5 was worth the wait!

Some thoughts I share from that first 9.8 review:
Rai #5 is an excellent start to the new story arc and creates exciting story threads from the plan to kill Father to the independent Positronic deciding on a course of action to live. From the first page to the last I was completely engrossed in everything taking place. The introduction of the chemical hiding Raddies from being detected was a great touch as it made the overall plot against Father seem more plausible and interesting. And the uncertainty regarding Rai's mental state in terms of Father's ability to read his mind added a little more edge to the entire situation. And Lula finally getting her own Positronic along with Momo searching for meaning in her own existence rounded off the events taking place in this futuristic world nicely.

If you are a die hard Marvel &/or DC fan this should be the one book you sample from VALIANT!
I've been reading a lot of XO Manowar recently after it was recommended to me, didn't know what to expect but I've actually really liked it. Only thing is, Aric looks like Thor to me, so when he speaks I read it in Hemsworths voice.

I'm going to try out some other Valiant Titles. Probably Bloodshot, since I saw Jeff Lemire is working on it and I liked what he did with Animal Man and Green Arrow.
Harbinger was my favorite but now that it's gone Archer & Armstrong has taken it's place. I love Valiant. Unlike the big 2 & Image there aren't any real filler or superfluous books in the line. Instead we got a lesser amount of books that work better in tandem and are far more consistent with the shared continuity thanks to being handled by a select group of writers. They're the true definition of quality over quantity right now.
I do think Valiant has quality. I mainly buy Unity, and then XO Manowar, but as I've posted earlier, I've read other books. I like the artwork in a lot of the books I've read. I like how the books are designed. Nice presentation.
Ivar, Timewalker #1 debuted this past Wednesday and is a great jumping in point to anyone curious about VALIANT characters and their universe. You need not know anything to just get on board and enjoy the great art, smart script with moments of well placed humor.

This creative team’s enthusiasm radiates from each panel and word balloon. The hooks are aplenty to be found throughout this first chapter. I was looking forward to the next issue by page five. The last page (no spoilers here) absolutely sealed the deal for me to see what happens next. I dare anyone to read this and not want to know what will happen next. That, dear readers, is the best way to write a comic book. I can’t wait to see happens next and you shouldn’t miss out either.
You know me, I've tried to start discussions before. You participated in them I think? But yeah the market share of Valiant is very, very low, a little less than 1%. I've turned a few people onto them over the last couple of years but it's a lot of effort for not much results.

I did like Ivar and seeing the stuff hinted at a year ago coming to fruition, what with the Prometheans and stuff.

I think Divinity as a prestige format might appeal to the people more into the "arty" comics that Image has been producing. I thought people would be more into say Rai due to the amazing art but people seem to have met it with not a lot of enthusiasm. The work Kano did on Quantum & Woody and then The Delinquents was amazing, but again, it's like a drop in the ocean compared to the market share of the Big Two and other smaller companies like Image, which has hits like Saga and East of West.

But anyway, as long as they keep making comics, I will keep reading them. I don't care if they ever become really popular.

The Valiant seemed to be generating a lot of buzz with the people I talk to, so maybe that will finally help increase their market share a bit if gets people into the universe. A lot of them seemed to be looking at the amazing art in The Death-Defying Doctor Mirage, too, which I think, in my opinion, might be their strongest launch since X-O Manowar as far as generating critical buzz.
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as long as they keep making comics, I will keep reading them.

In the end that's what it all boils down to for me.

I made peace with the fact that most comic book fans will never ever look past the big two and to a much lesser extent Image a very long time ago. Like over a decade ago.

Majority of comic book readers are too complacent and set in their ways to ever think outside their respective boxes and ever leave their comfort zones. They complain about always getting more of the same yet they keep supporting more of the same with no quarrels. It's an interesting paradox.

Just be thankful that there are still enough open minded comic book fans out there who really give anything a fair shot to allow Valiant to remain relevant as a publisher today.
Does Magnus still wear a mini-skirt and go-go boots?
Does Magnus still wear a mini-skirt and go-go boots?
Magnus is currently being published by Dynamite, along with Solar and Turok. Those Gold Key characters that were very crucial to the founding of VALIANT are sadly not theirs. Maybe one day they can be wholly and legally acquired to re-join the VU but if not don't expect to see the GK3 in the VU anytime soon.

To your question: they have him in pants which I like
FWIW, I also think it's the best book of the Dynamite Gold Key characters being done.

As for VALIANT: If anyone hasn't read Divinity #1 they should. The premier issue laid out some intriguing ground work. Some of those are likely to be about how to manipulate space/time and other such cosmic forces.
Just jumping in here to say holy crap!! the Valiant Universe is good. I've not read the 90s era, but the modern era has been amazing. I started reading it recently on a whim and have read up to date on X-O Manowar, Rai, Ninjak, and Bloodshot Reborn. Other than those I really enjoyed Unity, Shadowman, and Divinity (and various other minis).

The only books I didn't like were Harbinger and Archer & Armstrong. I'm indifferent about Quantum & Woody... though I'm only about half way through their series. I don't know if I care enough to finish it. We'll see. I also like Eternal Warrior as a character but his solo stuff I can take or leave. I think he's a character that I like as a team member or guest star but not solo.

X-O Manowar is by far the best title of the line. I just don't understand how the guy who writes this can be the same guy who bores me to tears on Green Lantern and Flash.
@JaredLeto in talks for #Bloodshot at @SonyPictures …

Jared Leto is in talks to star in Sony’s Bloodshot which is based on indie comic book publisher Valiant Entertainment’s IP. The project, which is being produced by Neal Moritz, is being directed by Dave Wilson who is partnered with Deadpool director Tim Miller’s at Blur Studios.

This is the second film from a five-picture deal that was the result of a deal between Beverly Hills/Beijing-based DMG and Valiant. Sony acquired the Bloodshot series from Valiant back in 2012. The first in the series was Harbinger. It could be the beginning of a powerful franchise for both Sony and Leto.
Leto will see if a deal can be worked out to star as Bloodshot’s protagonist is Angelo Mortalli, a ruthless killer for the mob who is set up by the family and framed for a murder. He instead goes into Witness Protection, but is betrayed by an FBI agent guarding him, kidnapped and forcibly subjected to an experimental program in which his body is injected with microscopic computers called nanites. They erase his brain and rebuild it and his body to be a weapon with superhuman strength and healing powers. The character was created by Kevin Van Hook, Don Perlin, and Bob Layton in 1992.

The film will be produced by Moritz and Toby Jaffe through the Original Films banner and by Valiant’s Dinesh Shamdasani with Matthew Vaughn and Jason Kothari on as executive producers.
Sequels are planned for both Harbinger and Bloodshot before the title characters meet in Harbinger Wars, which is based on Valiant’s 2013 comic book crossover.

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