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Jun 19, 2005
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hey guys.i wanted to show you some of my stuff "well mainly...3 of my stuff" because bored and i think some critisism could help me out here are my sketches


The Thing.i did this the first time i picked up my first ultimate FF book.i wanted to see if i could sortof do small tweeks to ben in my general came out like this.i think i did this about?....9 months ago? ..still looks alright to me..not that great though


[font=Arial,Helvetica,Sans Serif]this is a johnny storm picture i know when you have a picture and it looks great.and you SHOULD stop but you dont and it makes it worse.thats the case with this drawing.i kept adding flame upon flame then i redid the hairshape and added the burn stripe lines and i became displeased with it after each kinda sucks...but meh[/font]


and finaly..yeah i know it isint "fan art" because well its my own design..but it took me ..about 2 hours to do "its all on paint" so it got complicated,...its not entirly from scratch though i used a batman peice on the hype as a sorry to the guy i borried it from id give you credit if i could remember where it was so i could post as comparrison..hopefully i dont piss anyone off.i just saw the pic and thought the head was great and i thought it would be a great starting point for my my design is SO ORIGINAL ITS NOT FUNNY *lie detector explodes*

anyway..thats it..i have more but there not nesesarily fan art so i didint bother posting them.any critisim is welcome even negative you dont have to "go easy" on me or anything

so..comments anyone?
well i thank you for the compliment darkknight
Yeah it looks pretty good to me.
Keep drawing and you will get better and better.
You think that's bad? That's awsome! Great Work!
I like the Human Torch one the best.
human torch drawing is pretty cool. the thing has nice colors to it. very nice stuff.
well thanks for all the compliments guys

man i need love to fine tune some of this stuff
I really like the thing and johnny storm. not bad work at all. great stuff.
this is some stuff i found from awhile back





ill post explinations later tonight.for now i gota go really quickly
btw theres more its just the limit cut me later as well.cya
ugh..i found some really old...very bad photos i did..and i figure id post them

THIS FIRST ONE was a villian i created for the sirens book im working on back in january..ugh.i cant really..look at it because i cant beleve i drew this to say i did this in detention with a black and red sharpie and a yellow pencilcrayon i found on the floor.oh the tools of the trade:up:

this one was one i did in math"i need to stop drawing in class" to try and fit all of the characters on one cover..i couldint find a pencil at first so i was using a blue pencil friend samad asked why i was drawing with it.i told him.and he handed me the pencil to finish it off.i quickly sketched the others.but i shortend drarkfox way too much"top left" and glowgirl looks like a poor copy of WW but....bad...very bad"all of there designs have been changed sept itll be my b-day so im HOPING to get a tablet to show you what my current style looks like.far better than this.ugh"

oh more thing..i do NOT know what those blue..squiggles on darkfoxs arms was i thinking?

i do like the running effect on rush though"the bottom" but it can be better

enjoy or..puke, eather is justified lol

comments,critisism,and flaming welcome
Well Val you're on your way, but, it takes ALOT of practice and studies of the human anatomy to get really good at what you want to do.

The best artist to draw fire IMO is Mike Golden (I draw fire like his). Try looking up Some of his art from Ghost Rider to Rom. In Rom he drew a character called FireFall, lots of fire in those Rom issues. actualy replied.....holy ***********

lol jk

thanks.ill look into it.ive been studying anatomy latley for the summer"especialy the chest to arm sections ugh" and its coming along decently

my new stuff should be coming.alot better than this i assure you but il still need to work on it
If that's sucky... Then I really, really suck :(
lol well im glad you think its good but im betting your stuff doesint suck"well i usualy dont think any art sucks unless its content is .....******ed" but besides some stuff id like to see it
that isint touchy that is SO AWESOME you have no idea

you guys are compleatly free to do anything you want with my art i like seeing the outcome

i love it iggy
dont worry the eye probibly messed up because of my excessive use of lead making it difficult to work with.its still great none the less

that characters based on my ex so i get alittle emotional when i see it..ahh man
eyyyyyyyyyyy guys.well the weather outside is frightfull... but the tree promisses a scanner/tablet in my future so heres hoping.

untill then i have been doing some paint practice. i was wondering if anyone felt like playing around with them



Wow Val, its a little bit J Scott Campbell, a little Bradshaw, and a little anime. I like it. Good mix.

  • Love the 'tude on the Thing
  • Torch looks cool, better without the lines tho possibly?
  • Cool character designs
  • Nice lines on the robotic characters, well done
  • Nice and stylised on the "its all in your head" pictures.
  • Great stuff all round, keep it up!!!
Some good stuff man. I really like that character work on those blue people.

I would like to see some more hands and feet though :p

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