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Video Game movie NEWS-O-RAMA!

They have the Halo situation wrong, but at least they're paying attention. I don't know why The Sims and Tekken are being made into movies, aside from high sales numbers.
Assassin's Creed better be made. I know it's in talks but the story would make for a crazy good film.
I'd like to see the Tekken movie. Sure it'll turn out to be crap more than likely, but like Dead or Alive, I'll watch it just to see the characters brought to life and the fight scenes.
Tekken is great... though I'd prefer it as a TV action-drama... a movie could be interesting.

A lot of those could be good movies, but somehow, the medium shift doesn't seem like a good idea today... I'll think about it tomorrow and see if I feel different. Halo with an actual emotional arc, sure, why not? Street fighter done right? Sure, why not? The rest? It almost seems like it would be in-name-only.

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