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World Volume - The Amazing Spider-Band...


Never Mind the Buttocks...
May 23, 2000
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Back when SuperheroHype was still known as Spider-Man Hype, there was a thread about a band called Volume, which made an album called "The Amazing Spider-Band" and reproduced that cool jazzy music from the 60's cartoon. There was a link to buy the CD, but they were out of stock and my name was put on a list.

Well, here I am, almost 7 years later, and I finally get an email stating that I can buy the CD here....


This thread is to tell all you hip cats to buy this puppy now... :word: :word: :word:


Mike :batty:
C'mon people... it's the coolest CD you'll ever have to buy...

Got my email to. Man it was years ago I signed up for that, had pretty much forgotten about it.

*Bought* :word:
I was able to get a burned copy back in 2011...

OMG... this is arguably the BEST CD I've ever owned...

Now if I could only get it on vinyl...
Anyone ever get an actual copy of this? Anyone? Bueller?


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