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Washington Sentinels vs. Mean Machines

Are we talking Mean Machine('74) or Mean Machine('05)?

I hope you're not talking about the soccer team.
Mean Machine, they're convicts with nothing to lose against a bunch of scabs.
Definitely the Mean Machines
Dont Forget That One Kicker The Sentinels Have.
I go for the Washington Sentinels. They have a kicker who can kick 65 yds to win a game. They have a better quarterback who can throw, a bad aaa cop line backer , Sumo wrestler, and better coach who knows how to run plays.

Sentinels. The Mean Machine is a prison team. They barely beat a bunch of guards. The Sentinels on the other hand are a professional team. Granted, they are scabs, but they competed with pros. They win.
Washington Sentinels, their a pro football team ...
Dr Doom said:
But Mean Machine are convicts

But they're playing football, not having a gang fight.
they have nothing to lose, and will play dirty

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