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Sep 5, 2004
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This is my art. I did it all with PhotoShop so don't make fun of it. It's hard to draw with a mouse. Let's say I was drawing a head. Sometimes, I would be drawing the oval shape, and the the arrow on the screen would automaticly fly across the screen making me draw a line going that direction. It also happens when I'm coloring.
This artwork sucks, I'm better at drawing with a pencil and paper. But I don't have a scanner. So, for now you guys will have to see PhotoShop work. Well, until I get a scanner. (EDIT: I have one now!) These kind of suck.
So here it goes.

EDIT: Since the stuff in the first post sucks really bad, I'm going to put a few better drawings and manips here.




Okay now here is the crap PhotoShop stuff.



Shut up! I like Blastaar!
Ok, I didn't do the head and face. I used it from another picture. I tried drawing his face and head a billion times. I got the shape down, but I couldn't get the fur detail in. So cut and pasted his face from another picture. If someone could tell me how to make a fur affect in PhotoShop I could try drawing his face and head. Everything else in the picture was drawn by me.



I drew the whole thing in PhotoShop. Part's of it are a little messed up.



I didn't draw him. I drew the Hood and the part of the cloak between his legs.



My fan art contest entry. This sucks. But it's cool too. Sandman is all the way to the right. Chameleon is to the left. That's Topher Grace as Chameleon. I made this before that rumor about the new Spider-Man 3 villain's started.

That's it for now. More soon.
Here is the original Dr. Doom picture before I gave it a hood and stuff.

cool. you should get a tablet for creating stuff in photoshop. mouse work is hard. i need to take my own advice and get one.
I drew part of the bottom let half of Blastaar's face, because I accidently cut part of it off when I was cutting and pasting it.
Really? That one was one of my least favorites.
Someone needs to give you PhotoShop CS2
This is my August Fan Art Contest Entry. I drew it with a pencil, scanned it, Then colored it with PhotoShop.


Sorry for the size, PhotoBucket did it.

This is a smaller version so you don't have to scroll to see it.


I just made this in PhotoShop. I cut and pasted three different picture's.
[I cut and pasted, Spider-Man, Venom, and the Ultimate Spider-Man logo.]

It's kind of another version of my avatar.

This could make a cool wallpaper.
Webhead all I can say is draw your pics on paper first, then scan them into the computor to edit.
It does take alot of practice, but you are doing pretty good so far with the mouse.
Vartha said:
Webhead all I can say is draw your pics on paper first, then scan them into the computor to edit.
It does take alot of practice, but you are doing pretty good so far with the mouse.

I drew the Venom VS. Carnage picture on paper and scanned it. I just got a scanner last month.
This is my October Fan Art entry.


I drew it with pencil, scanned it, and colored it in PhotoShop.:spidey:

Yeah, it's blurry, and not that good.
Here is my December Contest entry. I drew it. And it's supposed to look cartoony by the way.

Silver Sable said:
Nice stuff.Good luck in the art contest :up:

Thanks! If you're talking about the December Fan Art Contest, then that's over, I didn't win. But if you're talking about this month's contest, then thanks!:D:up:
good stuff webhead. You did well with those manip/drawings in photoshop, very cool.
Shame u dnt have a tablet, that would make life so much easier, so im told anyway lmao
Kepp it up, and lets see some more!
Thanks guys! The Fantastic Four Christmas picture's texture is a tool in PhotoShop.
Here's a Dr. Doom picture I drew in like, early December that I just now got finished coloring.:rolleyes:



Crap that's too big!

Anyway, I just got finished coloring it a few minutes ago. Actualy, the picture has been colored for a long time, but the electricity wasn't. I drew the electricity with a pencil, and I wouldn't glow, so I had to erase it in PhotoShop, and draw it again in PhotoShop, then I got it to glow. Thanks to Spiderfan08 and CyberMonkeytron, I got it to glow. They taught me how. Thanks guys!:)
It's the movie's version of Dr. Doom, I made the mask a bit skinnier. The only things I don't like about it are the neck piece, and the body looks a little too skinny. The neck thing looked better on paper, when I colored it, it didn't look as good. I can't really fix those now.
Anyway, it's not that great, but I like it. I try to make my drawings cartoony and comic book like, [Kind of like the Ultimate Spider-Man game.] not real looking, by the way.

Can someone make this image smaller please? Not to small, but, enough where we don't have to scroll all over the page to see it? Thanks!

Here's an old one, I used it for my avatar in December.


I drew it in about a minute. On the avatar it was this with a snowy backround. The hat sucks, I don't know how to draw a Santa hat that well.
I colored it in PhotoShop.
Here is my entry from last month. Female Ghost Rider.



Yeah, I think it sucks in a way. It's the first time I drew a skull, or a woman. I couldn't get the fire to glow. The eyes are glowing though. The black in the eyes looked stupid when I tried to make them darker, So I kept them the way they were.
Dr. Doom resized. [Takes awhile to be resized.]


[Go to page two for the non-Splash Page updated version of my Ultimate Spider-Man picture!]

Ultimate Spider-Man VS. Ultimate Green Goblin made for last month's contest. It's not all the way finished yet. And I copied Green Goblin's right hand [The open one.] because I couldn't draw a good enough hand. Other wise, the fire is too yellow and I'm going to fix it, and I drew and colored everything else.
The contest was to make a splash page. A splash page is the first page in a comic book that is one big picture. Here is the splash page version.


I know Ultimate Spider-Man doesn't have splash pages like that.


Spider-Man 3 teaser poster.

The following is just things I did in PhotoShop with the real Spider-Man 3 poster.



The webbing is red because that's the style I made it.


More in next post.

Spider-Man 3 game cover. If I have time I'll make one for PS2 and Xbox.


Sucky poster.


Spider-Man 3 poster wall paper. It's not as good as some of the fan made wall papers though.


Older fan made poster of mine. I didn't make any of it, I just cut and pasted.


Ultimate Spider-Man wall paper. I just added Green Goblin and Shocker. I didn't make them though.


Dr. Doom wall paper.

And I'm open to advice.

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