Weirdest Dream I've ever had...

Dark Vigilante

Apr 25, 2004
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It starts out with me sitting in my car, at a gas station in the town where I use to live. Last time I had been there was when I was a kid and my parents were getting gas there. At the edge of the street the gas station is on, theres a big green field, and at the end of the field theres a road and another gas station. I look out my rear view mirror and I see that one of the gas pumps is burning on the top. One of the employees of the gas station runs up to the burning tank and starts spraying it with a fire extinguisher. He seems to have it pretty contained, but hes still flagging to me as if I should drive away. I still need gas, so I drive across the green field and as I get to the end of it, I see that the gas station across the street was also on fire, and just like the one I had just been at, an employee had the fire contained with a fire extinguisher and was waving for me to drive away. So I said forget it and was just gonna go home. I've got my right blinker on, and was trying to pull out but no one would let me onto the road. But a old fashioned white touring convertible (it kind of looked liked the old 30's Mercedes Benz's Hitler use to tour around in) stops and lets me out.

Next thing I know I'm driving the white convertible, going down this road. In the car with me is my best friend and his family whom are all family friends of my family. I drive to their house. We go in and his parents vanish. It's just me and my friend. He's playing playstation in his room downstairs. I walk upstairs to use the bathroom. And I notice the house is sort of messy, which is unlike them. It's dark in his house, almost as if It was cloudy outside, yet when I looked out the window it was beautifully sunny. I walk down his hall and open a door, and instead of walking into the bathroom, I'm suddenly in a convenience store.

This is where it gets really strange. In the store with me is John F. Kennedy. He's old, as if he had lived to an older age. His hair is grey and he looks to be in his 60s or 70s. He seems to be just as shocked that hes there as I am. He sort of runs his fingers through his hair and checks his clothes to make sure that all this was really happening. I feel sort of anxious, but not too uncomfortable. He looks at me and smiles. Suddenly I feel completely welcomed, almost as if I was suppose to be there. He approaches me and kisses me on the forehead. I hear some sort of electronic beat that vibrates through my entire body, and I am then in a different convenience store. It's in a city. Out of the corner of my eye I can see a busy city street, and some guy standing right outside of the window looking at me, but I couldn't really make him out. Ahead of me I see a small child run past an aisle, as if trying to hide from me. He calls my name and tells me that he has something to show me. He starts walking towards the back room of the convenience store. I'm now utterly creeped out, and I finally realize I'm dreaming. I try to force myself awake. My eyes open. I can see the shadow of my blinds projected on my cieling by the moonlight outside. I hear a strange shrieking noise in my room, but it doesn't really scare me. I try to sit up and I can't. I'm completely paralyzed. I try to move my arms and they feel glued to my bed. I finally force myself up, but very slowly as if being held back. I'm sitting up now. Still unsure if I'm dreaming or awake, I try to turn on my TV to see if I can reconnect myself to reality. I turn it on and watch it for about twenty mintues. The entire time my legs and arms felt numb, as if they weren't there. I've never had a dream so surreal. I felt like it was actually happening. In most dreams I know I'm dreaming or I can at least tell that whats happening isn't real. When I woke up in the morning I really questioned whether I had a dream or some sort of hallucination.

I told a few people today about it, and a girl that knows me pretty well is convinced that the whole thing with JFK is some sort of premonition that I will someday be President. Which sort of makes sense. I want to get into politics later on in life. And I looked up some other parts of the dreams in a dream dictionary. Apparently a contained fire in your dream, like the ones I experienced at the two gas stations, is a metaphor for "your own internal fire and inner transformation; your drive and motivation". Driving in your dream represents the path your life has taken and they way you expect it to continue. Pretty interesting stuff. But as I said, how real the dream felt creeped me out a little bit. And not being able to move at all for a good five minutes after waking up scared me a little bit too.
creepy dude. ive had dreams like that i will always wake up in cold sweat.
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That's called "sleep paralysis", my man. Look it up on Wikipedia. You were trapped between the dreaming state and the waking state, and unable to move your body. This is where hallucinations occur. It feels so real, people think what they see is actually real. Sleep paralysis is what happens to people who think they're abducted by aliens, or visited by long hair Ju-on ghosts.
every time I force myself to wake up, i wake up in a paralized state too, sometimes i cant even open my eye lids, like My mind wakes up before my body.

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