What are your stock picks for 2008?

Madison Dearborn. That's all the info I can say. :o
Anyone see Apple today?! Down 21 dollars!! This is insane!
I was just going to pop in here and say that Apple is an absolute steal right now as it will surely go back up. The analysts are doing things to bring that particular stock down a few pegs so they can buy low and then short-sell when the price goes back up.

If you say so.
It'll shoot back up unexpectedly. They've never exactly been in the hole.
It's because they did not meet their expected earnings last quarter and also because of their disappointing MacWorld expo. Lets face it, MacBook air doesn't hold a light to any of their recent offerings.
Apple is really taking the big drumming they are getting on their stock price over their very moderate Q2 forecasts more than anything else.

HP is another stock I've been watching. It's quietly dropped here and there over the past few months. I think it's going to be a bargain once it goes sub $40 as it will bounce back as well.

So it was fate that I received a letter to diversify my funds. :wow:
Anyone see Apple today?! Down 21 dollars!! This is insane!
Well when your stock is around $150, a few percentage points is a lot of money.

I would bet on Marvel Inc. since they are starting to do in house production of movies. If their movies do good, the company will see profits. Iron Man comes out this summer, I can bet on a rise in their stock.
Citibank is also a bargain for long term investors.
I bought ICON just over $2.00. It has performed well, it just dropped a little recently.
I have done really well with it. It should go up to close to $40 according to some reports.
It would be best to locate stock that you know is popular on the down low right now. Stuff like Citibank and whatever, you know that's gonna shoot up.

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