What do you Batman fans think of Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu?


Jun 25, 2007
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I'm playing right now and I actually like. I haven't played it years. What do you guys think of it? Should Sin Tzu appear in the comics?
Oi, nice idea but, for not enough meat to the story. Weak premise for a videogame when the villain is an unknown.
Here's my idea for how he should brought into the comics. Sin Tzu when was young he was refugee from the a civil war happening in a near by southeast asian country and grew by in Buddhist monastery. There he discovered his mental and mystical powers and became a expert as various types of martial arts even long forgotten ancient styes. He is even able to capture a bullet or batrang with his bare hands even a point blank range. After hearing the thoughts of the monks of the monastery who were worried of him becoming too powerful, he murdered them. He then came back to his home country and joined the rebel army. There he studied the Art of War. He soon obsessed with the book and learned it by heart. He rose to the ranks of general and defeated the opposing army using tactics and strategies from the book he pretty much worshiped. He became ruler of the new country. However, he wanted more and then conquered near by countries eventually almost all of Asia, Africa, and parts of the Middle East. His country soon became the largest army and super power in the eastern world. He soon set his sights toward the west. He soon conquered almost all of Gotham's underworld and attepted to invade Gotham City getting the attention of Batman. He and Batman soon became sworn enemies. No matter how many times Batman defeats him, he still wants to fight him. He sometimes abducts various superheroes jsu for his pleasure of hoping(sometimes does) to defeat them and humlimate them. Due his threat to global security, he is also a enemy of the Justice League.

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