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What game will you be getting on the day.


Jun 24, 2005
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Both Marvel: Ultimate Alliance :spidey: and Justice League Superheroes :batman: come out on the same day.

Which one will you be getting if you could have the 1.

Id go with JLSH because MUA is kinda similar to XML.
lol same

i will be deffo getting marvel i have always liked marvel more than dc but batman is cool

mentok: what is your gamertag xbox live
Ultimate alliance, I'll pick JLA up cheap in years to come.
I'll get Ultimate Alliance. I'd pick up JLA too, but there isn't going to be a 360 version right?
Neither. The skin upgrades in Ultimate Alliance is a HUGE turn-off for me. JL:H I'll pass on.
Justice League game
Ultimate Alliance
Mass Effect
Wii + Metroid Prime 3 + LoZ: TTP + Mario Galaxy + SSB Wii

Oh wait, you're asking which of the two I'll be getting on that day? Probably Marvel, because my brothers would play that anmd they'de leave me in the dry for the DC game. Weirdo's
yeah i will be but i will get marvel first coz marvel is teh sex
Loz:TP (Wii), SSBB, Super Mario World (Virtual Console)
theoneandonly said:
it will be on the 360 as a matter of fact so yay :)

Can you show me where they've said that because I can only find PS2, XBOX, and PSP versions.
marvel first. then dc when ever its at a lower price tag... below 40 bucks

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