What kind of characters do you like to write for?


Jun 5, 2005
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I mean personality wise, well probably be easier to give a character that we all know.

Personally I like the smart ass, wise crackin, funny guy.
Really f'ed up, evil bastards.
tormented people with dark and painful backgrounds.

it's easier for me to convey emotion through them that way.
Well rounded characters who go through the whole spectrum of attitudes but end up being very normal human beings.
depends on my mood.i mean im working on 3 storys and ones a gritty dark real place.ones just over the top superhero team fun and anothers a mix of the two
all over the place chracters with mood swings

crazy people
I like to write charecters that have serious problems in their lives but are just humans.They make mistakes,they get their feelings hurt,ect
I generally like to write characters who go through a very large character arc. To me it makes a story more epic.
I like writing vigilante's with attitude (Batman, Punisher, Azrael, Daredevil etc.)
I also like to play around with reversing character dynamics over time... for instance, if this guy was cool, suave and always in control and this guy was quiet, timid and reactive, I like to allow those personalities to believably reverse over time, through lessons learned.
Either someone fun (The Blue Beetle), someone who's really messed up (The Question), or a totally psycho killer (The Joker).
I write stuff for guys like Constantine, people like that
I generally write characters who have a bit of Indiana Jones in them, or former military characters who are not academic individuals. Most of the time the characters I have are people who have skills that are not applied necessarily to their primary trade, but when they are placed in a situation, their peripheral skills manifest themselves in a dominant fashion.

just give me your email, your pm box can't handle the whole book i wrote. plus i am having to break it up into very small parts. its a real hassle, so please just give me your email.
I write characters who turn out a little gay. Not gay as in gay, but gay as in emotional and problemed. (not a word, is it?)
Very dark, oainful antiheroes with special psychological aspect.
I've found writing manipulative, arrogant, self centered, hedonistic, and mildly psychotic con men/playboys to be facinating characters. As such, I've had a jolly good time trying to write for Lucifer. I also like wiritng Jesus. He's cool.
In the various RPGs on the Comics forums here I've written for so many different characters it's hard to tell what I like most. Though I do have a knack for humanizing god-like characters (i.e. Superman, Silver Surfer, Martian Manhunter, etc.) though from the reaction I got from one post in the Ultimate DC RPG as the Joker, I'd say I can do "psycho" well also.

I feel like I can write from just about any POV, as long as I can wrap my head around that person's psyche. I like challenging writing the most.
Personally, I like the badass villains, and the funny guys, as well as the anti-heroes.

Those are the key roles I can play well in my acting classes, according to my peers, because of my kinda darker personality and "intimidating appearance".

I don't understand the intimidating part, because I'm barely 5'10" and I'm not a muscle-giant. But hey, it works when I act, so who knose?
i guess it depends on my mood, but generally, i tend to write characters who are hard to crack, who seem rigid, but have something underneath, whether they want to or not.

although, i like to write comical characters when i can think of something amusing

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