What X-Men Wallpaper do you have on your computer?


Dec 6, 2005
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I was looking at the official X3 website and browsing the 'downloads' section. They have some great hi-res wallpaper here, and I put the press shot of Famke Janssen as Jean Grey/Phoenix as my wallpaper (not the one with her stretching her arms out, but the one where she's giving an alluring smile).

It got me thinking: since this is a X3 thread, do you have any of the official wallpaper Fox has put out, have unofficial hand-made wallpaper, or do you have non X-Men-related wallpaper? (Just curious...)
We have a wallpaper thread full of fan-made X-Men wallpaper if tahts what your looking for?
I have barneys latest wolverine wallpaper on my desktop :up: I dont really use anything other than fanmade wallpapers
I had a Storm/Wolverine wallpaper I made myself until today. I have random models as my wallpaper now though.
i have the cyclops one
I have Ms. Marvel as mine. Everyone should too....;)
I have Ms. Marvel as mine. Everyone should too....;)

Storm stole ms marvels uniform :eek:
I'm using SilentType's awesome fan made wallpaper. It has scenes from the trailer. :)
I put the "Take a Stand - Jean" just for yesterday, but I'm using one that I'm working on (Jean Grey too, and it looks a little like the official)
I got the Phoenix one i did have a fan one but i changed it.
Take a Stand Phoenix. :)
I'm using the green Callisto wallpaper i did a few days ago
I have a manip by Lazmarquez featuring Storm, NC, Collossus, Logan, Kitty, and other X-Men on my desktop.
WOW Lightning I just noticed thats probably the longest you kept the same avatar & I made it :eek: It wa sjust re sized by another which is all good. But damn Im surprised your able to stick with one avatar

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