What's on your plate for Chanukah? (no kosher pun intended)


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Mar 8, 2004
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Chanukah begins in two days, so an early happy one to all the Hypesters that celebrate it. Whatever you got going on, make sure to save some for the rest of us. Really. :o I know JewishHobbit, but he wears his Judaism on his sleeves.


Chanukah starts so damn early this year. I'm going to spend the whole thing at school.
Jewhob is as Christian as they come.:o
I thought there were two n's in Channakuh? :confused:
I thought there were two n's in Channakuh? :confused:

Dude, there are more ways to spell "Chanukah" in English than there are bad video games based on movies (and vice versa)
Pass the potato pancakes and light the menorah. It's time for Chanukah! Sure, Christmas has decorated sugar cookies and figgy pudding, but Chanukah has freaking donuts! Jelly donuts!
I plan on eating lots of pork and getting a swastika tattoo.

Too soon? :csad:
I plan on listening to some Dr Dradle, 50 Shekel, Ju-Tang Clan and 2 live jews

If she wants to invite me over for matzo and regale me with tales about her Uncle Shlomo, I'm down. I'd be feeling her up the whole time, but whatever. :o
don't let the light go out! it's lasted for so many years!
don't let the light go out! let it shine through our hearts and tears

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