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What's the Word on the Robotech Sequel?


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Dec 3, 2002
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hey guys, just wanted to shoot the question out there. What's the word on the Robotech sequel. I'm talking the robotech continuity, not the Macross: Do You Remember Love? (mac zero, mac plus etc)continuity.

I saw a trailer on the pornnet a while back, and was wondering if anyone knew anything about this sequel to Robotech: the Macross Saga, Robotech: The Masters, and Robotech: The New Generation. From what I saw, it seemed like they were trying to finally tie the three series together with a fourth more thought out series about the search for the missing SDF3. Anyone know anything?

here's a link to the preview for the sequel to the Robotech series' and here's what I found on Wikipedia

At Anime Expo 2004, Harmony Gold USA revealed that the latest Robotech sequel was in production to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Robotech in 2005. The title of the feature-length pilot was originally announced under the name Shadow Force, but the name of the new story arc is confirmed to be Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles. This project was initially met with skepticism from the fan community due to Harmony Gold's spotty track record of completing Robotech sequels and spinoffs in past decades. The first teaser trailer debuted one year later to thunderous applause at Anime Expo 2005. An official trailer was more recently released on The Shadow Chronicles website to coincide with the NATPE conference, an industry trade show where broadcast rights to entertainment titles are bought and sold.

The storyline is described as a direct continuation from the 85th (and final) episode of the original Robotech series, and perhaps also the Sentinels in an indirect way. The main plot seems to revolve around the Robotech Expeditionary Force's search for the missing Admiral Hunter and the SDF-3, but there are reports of a new adversary behind the scenes. Pre-release animatics and teaser trailer footage indicate that the production is a mixture of 2D animation and cel-shaded CG mecha animation.

Though the involvement of original Japanese studio Tatsunoko Productions seems to be limited to early development, the actual digital production of animation is being handled by DR Movie, whose credits include the animation of Macross Plus and the in-between animation of Yukikaze. Co-director Tommy Yune said in a Newtype USA interview (republished on the official Robotech website) that the producers "consulted extensively" with Kenji Terada, a writer on Genesis Climber Mospeada (one of the three series adapted into the 1985 Robotech series).

DC Comics’ Wildstorm label released Robotech: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles, a comic prequel series bridging the end of the aborted Sentinels storyline to The Shadow Chronicles. Each of the issues features a "behind the scenes" article about the animation production.

Kevin McKeever, operations coordinator at Robotech.com/Harmony Gold, was able to confirm in February 2006 that the pilot movie had been completed. The finished film was screened theatrically for the cast and crew on March 8, 2006. McKeever also stated in a panel at the 2006 New York Comic-Con that earlier discussions with a potential distributor had failed due to contract terms that Harmony Gold considered unfavorable. No distributor for any medium, including DVD or television, has yet been announced by Harmony Gold, nor has any solicitation been announced in Diamond Comic Distributors' Previews magazine.

In an April 14, 2006 FAQ posting on Robotech.com's forums, Kevin McKeever explains:

Harmony Gold has been weighing various offers from highly respected distributors for ROBOTECH: The Shadow Chronicles. As part of these negotiations, Harmony Gold has mandated certain marketing and distribution goals (based on fan and market research) to be met for any such agreement. When a distribution agreement is reached a release date will be set by the distributor.
McKeever states that they are unable to discuss the status of any past, present, or pending negotiations with distributors, but will announce when a deal has been signed. He also states that they will be unable to release further information or material pertaining to the show until that happens, in order to be able to provide distributors with exclusive material to use in promoting it.

The live musical score was composed by Scott Glasgow and performed by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Chase Masterson is singing some of the parts for her robotic character Janice. Scott Glasgow has also confirmed that Melissa Kaplan, the lead singer of the band Universal Hall Pass, has vocalized some of the background music.

According to IMDb, some of the original voice actors are reprising their roles for characters such as Scott Bernard, Rick Hunter, Vince Grant, Sparks, and the Invid Regess alongside well-known actors such as Mark Hamill (Star Wars) and Chase Masterson (Star Trek DS9). This appears to follow the growing trend of casting high-profile Hollywood actors in the voice cast of animation titles.

Richard Epcar - Vince Grant
Eddie Frierson - Louis Nichols
Mark Hamill - Commander Taylor
Alexandra Kenworthy - The Regess
Yuri Lowenthal - Marcus
Melanie MacQueen - Marlene
Chase Masterson - Janice
Edie Mirman - Maia
Iona Morris - Jean Grant
Tony Oliver - Admiral Rick Hunter
Arthur Santiago - Alex Romero
Greg Snegoff - Scott Bernard
Michael Sorich - Sparks
Kari Wahlgren - Ariel
Dan Woren - General Reinhardt
Where's our favorite couple max and Myria???
chosen1 said:
Where's our favorite couple max and Myria???

they're on the SDF3 somewhere. We know from the Masters, that they had a second daughter while in space, while they left Dana behind.

I'm really pumped for this, but info seems to very limited
this series was awesome I used to watch when i was a kid w/ my brother before we went to school back when it was on tv.

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