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When was your last doctor's appointment?


Jul 14, 2002
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You know what I realized today? My last check up was March 2004!!! :wow: I feel healthy, but I should probably make an appointment. :csad:
You should of gone as soon as you found Spider-Man 3 worthy of support.
About two years ago was my last appointment, when I had surgery.
A year ago, only because I thought I had an ear infection (I didn't).
I went about a month and a half ago to get some quit smoking medication; my follow up is tomorrow :up:
Aside from my annual lady-parts check, I haven't had a general checkup/gone to the doctor for a problem since my required college-entrance visit more than four years ago.
March of '07. Next one is in the near future to hopefully set up a date in April for Surgery. :)
about 2 weeks ago for sinus pain thingy.
Actually I have my first check up in like two years, next Friday.
Actually I'm going Friday.....my back is all screwed up at the moment, and I'm flat on my back on the floor, feeling like a 90 year old woman.

I need drugs, and people to feel sorry for me....
I think it's been over a year.
I was suppose to get a sonogram or something but I bailed. I'm a terrible patient.
I've heard those can be a *****.

I just have to take meds to basically force my periods to come

Some may say that may suck. But I've never had acramp, and they last max 5 days. And it's only every other month. The worst I can say is they meds make my boobs hurt really bad.
I hate taking drugs, I feel for you.
I'll never go on "The Pill" again, total madness.
maybe it was because of the

If that is the case, plan on having surgery?

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