Where to start on multiple DC titles?


Aug 10, 2012
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Ok so I've only ever read Batman stuff, but I'm interested in Superman, the Flash, and the Green Lantern (and i guess Justice League as well).

Where should i start on these titles? and are their New 52 reboots any good? (I've heard Supes is awful).

So what are some good graphic novels and trades for Superman? Same goes for the other three i mentioned but i would imagine the list isnt as long for the other three.

And any other titles i might like? Doesn't matter if it's DC or Marvel i just thought it'd be best to ask my question here.
Superman was awful, but Action Comics has been a great title, for Green Lantern i recomend Green Lanter: Secret Origin and all the book written by Geoff Johns.
Yeah, honestly, if you can go back as far as GL Rebirth, I would.
I've recently gotten into Green Lantern pretty intently and yea I would say a perfect starting point is Rebirth. Basically any GL titles after that are pretty damn good, least what all I've read so far. On the others, I'm kinda in the same lol I really wanna get into The Flash but all I really hear about is Flashpoint.
Oh and since you said you like Batman I gotta say, the dynamics between Hal and Bats in Rebirth are just awesome. I never would have thought Hal Jordan of everybody would become one of my favorite comic book characters but after reading Rebirth I was sold
So what should I know about GL before jumping on board at Rebirth? Anything?

All i know about Green Lantern is that the first was some guy (i dont even remember his name) and his series lasted like 10 years, and then awhile later DC relaunched it with Hal Jordon, but somewhere along the line his hometown was destroyed and he went crazy and became parallax, and then kyle rayner took over. someone explain all this to me haha.

But what should i read/know about GL before reading Rebirth and eventually catching myself up?
You don't need to know anything. Rebirth is essentially a reboot of the Green Lantern mythos
Yea, basically everything you stated is all you need to know
alright thanks.

Any other recommendations? is the Flash any good? Thanks.
The only Flash book I have is The Flash: Rebirth. As for GL, I've got Rebirth, Secret Origin and No Fear so far.
I would tell you to go back and read the good Flash comics, Like Waid's first run on the book and John's first run, you know, back When Wally West was Flash and the Flash was awesome. But, all that would do is piss you off when they bring F**kin' Barry Back from the dead. So, Start with the current run on Flash by Manipaul. I hear it's pretty good. At the very least it looks good.
My picks for the New 52:

All-Star Western
Batman & Robin
Batman Beyond Unlimited/Justice League Beyond/Superman Beyond
The Flash
Wonder Woman
Swamp Thing/Animal Man (kind of have to read both)
Demon Knights

And...man I don't think I really liked many of the other ones? I personally dislike the new Superman/Action Comics but some people seem to like it...

The new Flash is good, I haven't had any complaints.
Most people enjoy the new Action Comics.

They're called people with taste :o
Eh, Action's been like any other comic series to me. It's had its hits and misses. Still mostly good, though.
I only read the first four or five issues, I liked the bits with Lex Luthor but then it devolved into a bunch of fight scenes with Superman v. Brainiac bots and Steel v. Metallo. I dunno, it just got boring to me. I found the main Justice League comic to be quite similar--we get some insight into the different personalities of the characters (although it kind of amounted to "Green Lantern is a *****ebag for 22 pages"), but the actual plot was just a big battle scene against Darkseid for multiple issues.

Anyway, forgot to mention I also like Batwoman. Not so much for the plot but man, that art...man. That red. Oh, that red. Probably 70% of the reason I like Batwing, too, is that blue, oh, that blue, though I think I like the plot on that one quite a bit, as well...it's certainly a unique concept for a comic book.

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