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Which form of Beast should it be?

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Apr 29, 2005
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Should beast be in human form or Blue beastly form or Blue Canine form. Consider this is Kelsey Grammer playin him so think of what that will look like. Considering can anyone do a manip of Grammer in beastly form. How big should the hands and feet be, doesn't he already have big hands.
A manip has been done already, ages ago, just after the news of the casting. It opted for the original furry beast, not the recent feline-looking version.

Beast was already in X2 (when Mystique is in the bar, Dr Hank McCoy is in a TV interview, in human form). So, if he is furry in X3, we have to assume he was using an 'image inducer' for that TV show, just as comicbook Nightcrawler used to, to disguise his appearance.
Do you know where the manip is. Also I forgot about the one where he's in the blue suit but has the goggles and what not on.
The manip in the X3 spoilers section in one of the threads for Beast around the time of Kelsey's casting.
In the novelisation of X2, Henry McCoy turned in Beast under the influence of Dark Cerebro. So, he might be in his beastly form at the very beginning in X3
i prefer the blue beast it would be more attractive to people to watch the movie.
It could very well be the greyish/black Beast that was used occasionally in the 70's. And I can easily see him being portrayed in human form (with oversized hands/feet) in the beginning of X3 then for whatever reason he changes into hairy Beast. I don't really mind what color he is as long as his character is well done. However, I do think that the hairy form is a must.
i think a a gradual mutation should be put through the film to show the different sides to him physical make up...
It's still hard for me to imagine Kelsey Grammer in a beastily form ...
hmm, hard to say. maybe start with the himan Beast and then evolve into the blue fuzzy Beast and stop there
I would like to see this one.....

Iron-Man said:
I would like to see this one.....


what to see it like that , but know in my hart of harts that it will not be. I all so know in my hart of harts that these words will problly come back to hunont me:ghost:
I want to see original Beast, before he turned blue....but I know it won't happen :(
id like to see a freak accidnet with beast becoming well beast
Sparta* said:
I want to see original Beast, before he turned blue....but I know it won't happen :(
I'm sure we'll see him, I don't think that he'll show up all mutated.
I'd love feline beast.

All night long.
Well they said they will use a similar look to the 90's cartoon. Back when they announced Beast/Kelsey, etc.
if they go with any sort of cure storyline you will likely see a furry and non-furry beast in the same movie considering that what turned Beast blue actually WAS supposed to be the cure to his abnormalities.
Blue Beast with anthropoidic hands/feet and the cool hair do that was later pretty much adapted for Wolverine. However they could really do it. The X movies have'nt gone Mark Silvestri full throttle with it. Some funny lines and scenes could come about from this.

I of course need to get writers credit (and union wages) for suggesting this
JLBats you must be an interesting person.
Anyone who knows and quotes Schopenhauer must be that.

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