Which should I get? :(

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Apr 29, 2006
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Okay, I know, you guys are like WTH don't you have a headset already, right? Yeah, I'm a bit late on it :( but I was wondering which one I should get of these two or if you have a better choice for a headset for me...

Should I get this?

PS3/PS2 USB Headset

Or this?
PS3 Bluetooth Headset

Or if there is something better out there for me to get...

BTW I wanted to get the mic just for COD 4 which I'm getting today, and wanted to know what headset to get with it...

I'd go with the bluetooth just because it's wireless
Yes, Bluetooth is always the way to go
But the Madcatz bluetooth? because I've been reading some of the reviews for it and they say it's like fuzzy and not all that great...

It does its job.
Reviewed By: Satty Date: 1/10/2008 11:36:36 AM
I don't know what you kids are doing wrong if they're beaking so soon. Mine works fine and my teammates understand what I'm saying. The only thing I have a problem with is that I have trouble hearing them because the sound won't go up anymore, and I'd rather not turn my T.V. sound up.

this is awsome!!
Reviewed By: A Customer Date: 1/2/2008 2:44:49 PM
Bluetooth is the best thing out there, so far! but You would have to stay at least, i would say 4 foot to your ps3 becouse it gets fuzzy and turning quiet then loud. but otherwise this thing is awsome. i had this bluetooth set for two months now.

Do Not Buy!!!
Reviewed By: A Customer Date: 12/19/2007 8:55:44 PM
I bought this headset for Call of Duty 4. I can't get this thing to work. I've paired it up with the PS3 but everytime I try to turn it on to use it the headset causes interference between my controller and my console. I've bought madcatz products before and never had any problems...but I won't make this mistake again! If it were possible to rate this product a zero I'd gladly do it.

Use your headset!!!!!
Reviewed By: A Customer Date: 10/8/2007 8:02:52 PM
Online games that support VOIP "Voice over IP" are great, Only one problem, hardly anyone uses them.
Whats up with that? Nobody wants to talk to thier team mates in games like Warhawk, or talk to thier friends in Motor storm? I did make contact with someone out there the other night. I said hello,, & I get someone playing a Trumpet in my ear! Very funny!!!! Come on people,,get your act together man. Communications in games like this make better team work & get more wins for the team that uses VOIP.

I just hope I see more people using the headset online very soon.

Reviewed By: Headless Zombie Date: 8/23/2007 9:52:08 PM
I'm just replying to a previous comment about which your trying to talk with the mic with Call Of Duty. Just so you know, Call of Duty doesn't support any headset. Hopefully Call of Duty 4 will be headset compatible.

mad cats head set
Reviewed By: dingo Date: 8/19/2007 2:59:03 AM
its about time thay made a ps3 blue tooth head set !!!,some of you people out there have motorola H series head sets and have had many problems with them.,thay are ok but not the best for ps3.mad cats haz made this head set clearly for ps3.,so if you are having some sort of problems its cos your not pairing it right.,or the game you are playing you might need to hold a button down then talk.,or you have not set the head set settings right.in any case this head set will work for sure despite of what make it is.

Reviewed By: A Customer Date: 7/17/2007 6:02:51 PM
I don't know what the other reveiwers did but my headset is great it hasn't broken and ive had it for several weeks. i sounds clear and everyone can here me. ive played on it on vegas and madden and call of duty. anyway it works great for me.

dont use
Reviewed By: gamestop worker Date: 6/22/2007 6:48:26 PM
its not that good quality but then agian madcats doesn't make anything good except gamecube memory cards . id rather use a blue tooth headset it will be cheaper and much better quality i recommend motorola it will work for the ps3.

Reviewed By: A Customer Date: 6/19/2007 11:02:19 AM
I have a bluetooth headset and it connects with my ps3 fine. but when i go to call of duty, im not sure if i cant hear anyone but no one responds and i dont know if im just talking to air. if there is something u have to do pleese tell me. or just help me if u have any ideas ill be checking up. anyway, the bluetooth headsets work fine. they connect fine with the ps3.

Not Bad
Reviewed By: A Customer Date: 6/16/2007 2:34:52 PM
well i have a wireless head set and i tried it out on my ps3 and it worked perfectly online my headset is a bluetooth but it's a motorolla.

why mad catz products are bad
Reviewed By: A Customer Date: 6/14/2007 5:12:03 PM
i got this headset from madcatz and it sucks. it worked for 3 days then it stopped working after that. my friend has bought controllers from mad catz and he owned two mad catz controllers and they broke within a month or two!
basically from our expierence we do not like there products made from mad catz

but WE LOVE THE PS3 60gig SYSTEM!!!!!!!!
we would like to give this product a zero but we HAVE to give it a 1 star!

Reviewed By: Alex Date: 6/11/2007 8:25:53 PM
I am having the same problem with people not being able to understand me with this headset and any other blue tooth headset. To fix this problem go wired or u have to get really close 2 ur ps3 with ur bluetooth. GO WIRED

Reviewed By: Thunder522 Date: 6/7/2007 7:52:31 PM
BUY A WIRED HEADSET!!! I just got this product in the mail, i set it all up and decide to test it out on Resistance, no body can make out what I am saying. This is the same with my friends wireless head set, diffrent brand too. I'll stick with the wired I guess.

Heads up
Reviewed By: Samuel Date: 6/6/2007 9:09:12 AM
Just a little heads up for everyone so they don't have to share my pain. Bluetooth headsets do not work for Playstation 2 games even if you play them on a PS3. As said in some of the other comments there are cheaper and more reliable headsets out there.

What headset do you guys have, cause this one is getting a bunch of bad reviews :(
I've got a plantronics one myself, it does the job fine
I just use the same one that use for my phone. Samsung WEP200. No probs with it.

But the Madcatz bluetooth? because I've been reading some of the reviews for it and they say it's like fuzzy and not all that great...

What headset do you guys have, cause this one is getting a bunch of bad reviews :(
Jabra BT125 which came with Warhawk
Aww, man, IDK what to choose...where do they sell the headsets? Best Buy, I bet but that's far from here...Would they sell it at FYE?
How about online? Id recommend Amazon
Eh, not a fan of online shopping...takes a lot of time to get here and don't want to pay for shipping :( Damn crap. I'll check FYE today and EB Games too. If none of them have a Bluetooth headset or anything I'll just get the wired one :( *sigh*
a lot of places sell them, have a verizon or cingular store around you? You will find them there as well
the one i got with warhawk is pretty good, so if by an off chance your interested in that game it would be doubley worth it .
Any bluetooth that uses profile 2.0 will work with PS3. And only older models are 1.0, so the Verizon one should work if the site says it's 2.0.

Personally though, I say you just buy the Warhawk bundle that includes the headset. The headset works great, and the game itself is great as well. The headset also charges via USB, so charging is a breeze if you play a lot of games since you can plug it directly into the PS3.

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