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The Dark Knight Who Are You Watching The Dark Knight With?


Jan 7, 2007
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Well? Who you gonna watch it with?

I have a nightmare, i watched Begins for the first time with my ex-girlfriend (she was my girlfriend at the time, obviously) and the crazy OCD part of me is screaming that I have to watch TDK with her because BB was so good and TDK won't be unless I watch it with her... But we don't speak anymore...

Oh well, I might take loads of people so I can further the hype!
Hehehe, good job then! EDIT: and lol for the dream, that is so fan driven superstition ;)

I'll go with at least two of my friends who are big Batfans like us, and I will go watch it in French (my mother tongue) and in English.
I'll be seeing it in theatres at least twice, maybe thrice.

Once with my friends, including the girl I'm currently crazy about. And a second time with my family.

If there's one thing everyone who knows me knows, it's that I have the claim as top Batman fan around here at home lol so it's gonna be a bunch of fun to see the film with everyone.

The first time I'm going to the midnight show with my cousin. The second time I'll be going with a good friend of mine. We'll see if it's so good I'll see it beyond that.
Me,my brother and my dad
I know I'll be seeing this as many times as possible next summer but I know I'll be going to see it with my brother (who's just like me on hype leve), my girlfriend who I've been telling alot about the movie with and has followed all the viral games with me and some friends from work who are as equally excitied. Maybe even some other family members too..who knows...
I'm such a fan that I'm gonna travel across the channel (not a big deal at all though) to see TDK for its UK release ! I'm not gonna wait for August the 20th to see it (Warner France will burn in HELL:ghost: :ghost: :ghost: :ghost: :ghost: )!

After that i'm probably gonna spend some time in Belgium to see ot as it's released at the beggining of Auguts if I remember well !

Then.....oh yes it's gonna be the French release :whatever: :whatever:
Oh wow, cross country Hype-dom!

I so can't wait, i'm gonna drag anyone and everyone with me!
Chris Nolan. We're pretty tight.
Once with my friends (one in particular because I apparently got real drunk last weekend and made him swear he'd go with me), and once with my dad I'm sure.
I'm taking all my friends to see it. That's about 10 people, including myself. It's gonna be the ****. :joker:
First, my dad and brothers, then with my friends , and then only with my girlfriend
Me, myself, and I so far.

I know, I need to get a life, but as you can see I don't have one at the momment; otherwise I wouldn't be giving a long and ridiculous explanation why I'm not a loner.:csad:

Alone again, naturally............................
I think I might be going with my best friend down here. Maybe some other people if they have gas money
My friends and I plan to go to the midnight showing.
by myself the first time....then take my friends one by one till i learn evrey line of TDK HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHHAHAHA
me, my best buds, and then other normal folks who dont care as much.

but ill be seeing it couple days after it come out so it not crazy

not unless i get premier passes, which ive gotten to 3 other films.
My plan is to take the day off from work and watch the IMAX by myself then at night maybe watch it again with some friends. Too early to tell who though.
I'll see it with a friend, if the movie turns out really good, then I shall see it twice.
My friends are pretty okay with my Joker obsession. Or at least they were before the official pics of Ledger came out. I'm dragging them to the as many showings as I can. I'll save a special one for my girl tho. And, yes. I'll be wearing Joker make-up. :p
I'll probably just grab up a few friends and see it. We might get crazy and dress up as clowns. We dressed up as pirates to go to see Pirates 3. We really aren't THAT big of fanboys, but it's really fun to see people's reactions.
I'm probably gonna go by myself the first time, just so I don't have to explain anything to anyone, then grab as many friends as possible!

I might check out the IMAX version as well, just for good fun...
I´ll see if I can drag my girlfriend, she´s a bit squeamish about violent stuff, but the PG-13 rate with no blood should help. I´ll probably reward her by enduring some chick flick later...
Me, and 2 big Batman fans, friend and cousin. Hopefully in IMAX and hopefully a sneak preview and/or midnight show.


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