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Who do you like more? Your mother or your father?

Mother. My father is just like another mother, who is less purposeful since he's a man.
I despise my father.
Why isn't there a 'like both' option? :(
because that's the easy answer. You must choose one parent over the other! :ghost:
I don't like either more than the other. My dad can be a stubborn hot head when you disagree with him and my mom never believes me on anything.
blind_fury said:
because that's the easy answer. You must choose one parent over the other! :ghost:
By that logic, you shouldn't have put in a "neither, I hate both!" option.
My dad and mum are both great, it's just for seperate things.

My dad is great for things like video games, action figures, basically electronic entertainment.

Whilst my mum does everything else.

But my mum is more pissy all the time... so I'm voting for my father. :confused:
I exploded out of my mothers womb in a deadly manner when I was born and stabbed my father to death with a scalpel, so I really have no feelings for either one of them.
mother. dads......... dead. (do what it says in my sig)
I wish for just a moment it was legal to kill just one of your parents,that parent would be my mom and the death would go down in the record books.
Mom loves my kid brother more, so I pick my father.

Who am I kidding.. they both love my kid brother more. Life as the middle child sucks.
When my mom was alive I definitely liked her more than my dad. Since then though my dad and I have become pretty close.
Well my dad passed away long ago, even when he was alive we weren't as close as I was with my mother. So I voted for my mother.
Does anyone else feel like there is an unspoken barrier between you and your Father? Like theres some sort of embarresement or shyness that gets in the way of saying anything other than small talk? That's how I feel. I think some fathers find it hard to express to their kid how they feel.
my mom....
my dad is and always will be a complete failure at being a dad....
No. I love both my mom and dad. I do not "like" one of them over the other.
While I love them both, I like my father more.
i don't like any of them but i don't truelly hate any of them

i guess my mother has relatively less traits i don't agree with .

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