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May 2, 2009
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I just rewatched that classic, and I couldn't believe how good it was. It was entertaining as both a disney movie and a cartoon.

And as a technical achievement it was unbelievable. The interacting between live characters and cartoon characters was amazing.

What do you think of the movie?
I heard that a sequel is in the works.I hope that rumor is true.
Love this movie, it's one of my favourites (and as far as I remember, the first movie I ever saw in the theatre)
I've heard the sequel rumours too. Really, really don't want one. Just have the funniest feeling they'd screw it up...
I'm waiting for this masterpiece to hit blu ray.
I just realize that two of the biggest animated character appear in this movie together: Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse.
I saw it for the first time about a year ago and was blown away.
My dad took me to see it when I was a kid... I had never seen anything like that before. I am baffled that Zemeckis hasn't given it a blu-ray treatment yet.
I just realize that two of the biggest animated character appear in this movie together: Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse.

Some pretty serious negotiations had to take place before that could happen too.
love it! first movie I ever saw in theaters :yay:

hopefully it comes to blu ray soon
Was one of about 10 movies I had on video as a kid. Absolutely love it.

And can I just say, one of the most terrifying villains I've ever seen in my life - to this day! :D
Some pretty serious negotiations had to take place before that could happen too.

Yep, thanks to Steven Spielberg. Warner Bros allowed Bugs to be used granted both he and Mickey had the exact same amount of screen time (seriously, to the millisecond).
Some HQ pictures:



You'll Never See 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' the Same Way After This Video
Rhett Jones said:
Robert Zemeckis has been hit or miss for almost two decades. But in the eighties, he was on fire. Along with Back to the Future, Who Framed Roger Rabbit is just one of those movies that remains great no matter how many years pass and its technical achievements are still a marvel. But why does it work so well?

From a storytelling perspective, Roger Rabbit was funny, unique and had some great performances from people like Bob Hoskins and Christopher Lloyd. But YouTuber, kaptainkristian is more interested in breaking down what sets the film apart from other movies that try to mix live-action with animation.

Movies like Mary Poppins and Cool World haven’t aged as well as Roger Rabbit despite using basically the same techniques. One of the reasons for this, as kaptainkristian points out, is that it’s extremely important for the actors to maintain a convincing eyeline with their animated counterparts. While it’s important for the filming process to give the actors reasonable marks to focus their attention on, the most important factor is the animator’s ingenuity. If an actor misses where the eyeline would be for a character, the Roger Rabbit animators are constantly adjusting the action—making Roger stand his tippy toes or point a finger in the actors face.

Kaptainkristian identifies two other reasons that Zemeckis’ deranged noir feels so much more immersive and alive than other hybrid films. One is that there’s constant interaction between animated characters and the real world. Special devices had to be built to move a real gun, wave a real cigar or spit water. Then the animators would step in and draw the characters seamlessly interacting with the props or grabbing an actors lapel.

The third key ingredient that makes the film so convincing is the unrestrained use of camera movement. Too often, filmmakers have gone easy on the animators. Keeping the camera stationary means that they don’t have to make too many adjustments to the perspective, especially when a character is kept on a single plain. Roger Rabbit is constantly using moving images and shifting blocking, which creates a greater illusion that what we’re seeing was just filmed like any other movie.

Check out the whole breakdown in the video. It’s definitely worth watching for all of the detailed examples and behind the scenes footage. But a warning to the more obsessive types out there: you’re guaranteed to be looking for the flaws every time you re-watch the film for the rest of your life.

Oh wow, I made that thread like 6 years ago. My god.

Must rewatch the movie again.
Oh, yeah, kaptainkristian has some great video analysis. Check out the ones he did on Batman:TAS and the Fleischer Superman.
I love this movie. How in the world has there never been a sequel to this made??
I'm glad the sequel was never made. Either way, I think Roger Rabbit's use of Disney and Looney Tunes character was a one time deal. It was a legal nightmare at the time. Also, people forget how mature the first one was..when PG was much more relaxed. The movie should've been a PG-13 with the various sexual jokes and light cursing.
Maybe because it due to the 20th annnviersy of the film, the love for MJ, and the public lexicon entering 90's nostalgia which explains the love.

But Roger Rabbit never had that generational resurgence. With the talk of Space Jam (and Space Jam 2), younger kids are getting into the film.

Like..something needs to go viral for Roger Rabbit, or Mondo should do an art collection for the film because Roger Rabbit was so groundbreaking and deserves the respect in Hollywood history. It doesn't get enough love, even though its technically beloved.
I always loved watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit as I was growing up. I didn't understand a lot of the jokes due to my age. It's even better now. It deserves more attention!
People don't realise just how many animating conventions were broken making this movie, it actually helped pioneer a lot of the techniques used in the first Disney Renaissance.
This movie was selected for preservation in the library of congress last year. That's basically the highest honor you can bestow upon a movie.
I just realize that two of the biggest animated character appear in this movie together: Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse.

The crossover was huge selling point for me at the time. Donald and Daffy.
KaptainKristian :up:

His video reaffirmed to me how great of a film this is.

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