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Who is/was your Hype nemesis?


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Mar 7, 2006
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This is the thread to discuss who your Hype nemesis/enemies are or have been.

For me...

Definitely The Female Torch.

I remember getting her banned. :yay:
i took care of my nemesis they day i arrived.
That was you? Every Hypester owes you a beer for that.

JLBats was a complete prick to me towards the end of his tenure.
I've had run ins with folks on here who were less than polite, but I don't think I have a nemesis. There was some dude (Mysterio maybe? I know he had a Mysterio avatar) who really, really did not like me. But I don't see him around much, so whatever.
Can't say that I've ever had one.
I kid you not, I did have a nemises. That was a while ago though.
Bakerboy. They don't make posters like that anymore. :csad:
Green Lantern and Master Bruce. I hate them with a passion that could scorch a thousand burning suns....goddamn them straight to hell.
Butterbean, I set him off one day and he kept pm'ing me threats, I reported him and he went nuts.
This is the thread to discuss who your Hype nemesis/enemies are or have been.

For me...

Definitely The Female Torch.

I remember getting her banned. :yay:

I thought you and Ass-Man were rivals?
Zenien is a nemesis of mine. But she's real hot, so :up:
I don't really have any, except FRAN!!!! :cmad:

Seriously, I don't think I have any. There's some I pick on, but I wouldn't call them a nemesis or what have you.
Mr. Sparkle and I don't agree on anything. I sometimes think he just likes to disagree with me b/c he knows who I am.
^Ban him...he said he wants it.
I can't harass anyone right now, I'm watching sports, woman. :whatever:
Please ban me.

I think he's everyone's nemesis.

Yes. Because I want to get banned. Definitely. :dry:

If you guys could just have a rivalry without catching feelings it would be fine.

Like I said, they just don't make posters like Bakerboy anymore.

I cant be agree with the guard. Batman or bruce wayne werent never developed as characters in the burton in the burton movies. At least, batman forever, that is a movie that i didnt like at all, give us more about bruce wayne character and his motivations and his story. In the first batman, the only thing that we know about bruce wayne is that the joker killed his parents. All the focus is about the joker and about jack napier. Batman and bruce wayne only were there for any reason. what are his motivations to be batman? why he fights the criminals? why becomed batman? nothing of that is in the movie. Only Michael " bettlejuice" Keaton puting a thinking face. Nothing more. Same in batman returns. All the film is about the freak vertion of the penguin and about catwoman , but nothing about batman and bruce wayne. The batman character was poorly developed in the previous films, but at least, in batman forever, we know a bit more about him.

The two things were totally a betrayal to the spider man mythos. Both were annoying and unjustified changes with any reason. Power ranger costume was a total joke, but with the organics they rapped the character and made of him a man spider. Both were a sin for the true spider man fans. They are just ridiculous and absurd. Its hard to choose , but the organics were a little bit worse than the goblin costume.
I always have run ins with Tempest...he is so outspoken and opionionated. He also hurls insults everwhere.

1. unbeatable opponent: a bitter enemy, especially one who seems unbeatable

He is certainly not mine. :o

Ugh. We mean nemesis as in "A bitter enemy"

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