Why are the Star Wars Vintage Collection figures so expensive?

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Feb 15, 2006
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Sorry in advance if this section doesn't cover merchandise.

The line is still in stores and only started about three years ago, but the prices online are all around $30 and up, and yet I can find the Power of the Force figures from the 90s for well under $10. It's as if the simple act of naming it a vintage collection is enough to make them collector's items right off the bat.
Well. I think the fact you may be missing is that the fact that these can be bought retail for $10 leaves a reseller with no option but to mark the item up for resale. Some are happy with only getting $5 and selling at $14.99. Some will sell @$19.99 and hope they get a bite. Then there are the remaining few who I don't understand who will charge $29.99 and may even sell a few. I don't think it has anything to do with it being the Vintage Collection. It has to do with providing options to suckers who are too lazy to leave the house or hunt down their favorites.

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