Wil Smith's "Six Degrees of Separation" (1993)


Mar 1, 2006
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Okay, so clearly I was super impressed with Will's performance in I Am Legend and thought I'd bring up this fine movie debut. :O


Six Degrees of Separation is a 1990 play by John Guare. Guare's play was adapted into a 1993 film directed by Fred Schepisi, starring Stockard Channing, Donald Sutherland and Will Smith. It explores the existential premise that everyone in the world is connected to everyone else in the world by a chain of no more than 6 acquaintances


The plot of the play was inspired by the real-life story of David Hampton[1], a con man who managed to convince a number of people in the 1980s that he was the son of actor Sidney Poitier. After the play became a dramatic and financial success, Hampton was tried and acquitted for harassment of Guare; he felt he was due a share of the profits that he ultimately never received.[2]


For Paul, every person is a new door to a new world.

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Six Degrees of Separation (1993)

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Flan and Ouisa Kittredge, rich NYC art dealers, are called on one night by a young man, Paul, who professes to be a friend of their kids' from Harvard. They offer him a bed for the night; he enchants them with a home-cooked meal and magnificent conversation. The next morning, they learn that he is not all he seems to be. Their investigations are intriguing and lead them to re-evaluate their lives. Written by John J. Magee {[email protected]}

In New York, the art dealers John Flanders ('Flan') Kittredge and Louisa ('Ouisa') Kittredge are ready to have a business dinner with their South African friend and client Geoffrey Miller, when a wounded young black man comes to their fancy apartment telling that he had been just robbed in Central Park and asking for help. He introduces himself as Paul, a friend of their son and daughter in Harvard and son of Sidney Poitier, and the couple invites him to stay with them. During they night, they find that Paul is not who he claims to be. When they investigate the life of Paul, they find the hidden truth. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Thoughts, anyone else dig this movie?
Ive always heard it was good but havent gotten the chance to watch it.
this was like his first serious performance or something.
I still have not seen this movie all the way through. I never figured out what was going on.. :p

I saw it for the first time a few years ago. The character Paul is fascinating to me. The con mentality and wit used to trick the high "status" people in this movie. The actors were great [the two parents]. I loved it. But I didnt understand the ending. I'll have to rewatch it sometime, but I was left wondering
if he died or if he was still alive on the streets?
Yeah, I saw it in the theater in '93, I don't remember too much.
I really would like to watch it again.
Haven't seen this movie in a LONG time.
I remember seeing it a while back. I just remember that Will was great in it, the rest is lost in my hazy memory. :csad:
Smith did good in it - especially considering this was around the 'Fresh Prince' era. I don't remember if the film itself was amazing though.
Wait a few years until you're ya know older, Sapphy.:p

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