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Apr 21, 2006
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They need to remake "The Wild Wild West" T.V. show. With all these new gadgets that are out today, it could be a great show once more, I believe that James West is a hero just as I believe that James Bond is a hero. They can modernize it perhaps have James West in the city now or something, but I know it would be a great show if it was made right. Give me your comments on the idea! :up: And don't say walker texas ranger, not the same!
I think the terrible Will Smith movie stopped that possibility cold. I don't think you'll find a cast like the original, and or a suitable replacement for Dr. Miguelito Loveless, one of the greatest villians in TV history. The dude in the movie remake certainly wasn't it, despite the fact that he is a pretty good actor. Loveless's evil was special-with that light of inspired insanity in his eyes. Is the original out on DVD yet?
Not yet but patiently waiting, and I agree Loveless was the ultimate villian of all time. I just want to start watching the show again. I also agree with the fact that the movie destroyed the essence of what the show was. I like Will Smith, but that was one show they should not have made a comedy, and it was just to far fetched with the crud they had in it! HOLLYWOOD LEAVE THE GOOD SHOWS ALONE!!!!! :mad:

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