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Will Smith takes on The Colossus

So is this the Transcendence rival in the vein of Deep Impact/Armageddon, The Prestige/The Illusionist, or Olympus Has Fallen/White House Down? Are we going to have a slew of sentient supercomputer films now?
That or The Matrix. Or Terminator. Or 2001: Space Odyssey. Or Saturn 8. Or . . . What other movies have used this theme?

I think he was trying to point out that it's an awful lot like a movie Will Smith has already been in (I, Robot). Not that it's an unoriginal concept (though to be fair, Colossus was one of the earliest works to do the idea).

But I assume Will Smith will be playing Dr. Forbin. After I Am Legend I can see him in the role.
His last movie was Men in Black 3, and he hasn't starred in anything before that since 2008. He's just had a rest.

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