The Dark Knight Will this be in the end of the prologue?


Jul 13, 2007
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With the confirmed prologue, my question to you is this;

Does this blurp from Wizard's article about TDK have any connection to a possible ending to the prologue/short film?

Lieutenant Jim Gordon's trying desperately to catch a glimpse of the Joker. Time and again, though, the clown-faced-mad-man has evaded arrest and the bloody trail of armed robbery and murder in the criminal's wake has the officer restless and exhausted. Now, finally, Gordon's got his perp trapped. When a bank heist falls apart, Gordon, and a SWAT team track the Joker to a vault with no exit.

But when Gordon and his men arrive, lined against the concrete walls in flanking positions, the dark room stands still and empty. No Joker. No accomplices. Nothing. Just a few small stacks of money discarded like crumbs in the center of the cold, vacant vault - a twisted little "F you" to the police.

"It's empty!" screams Gordon, his voice booming off the back wall as he loses his usually cool demeanor. In a final fit of rage, Gordon turns and kicks the pile of money into a cloud of flailing dollar bills.

For Gordon, the Joker's evasion has been an irritatingly common scenario. No one, not even Batman, can manage a handle on the criminal. That elusiveness extends to movie-goers who've been kept in the dark about the Clown Prince of Crime since he was first alluded to the final minutes of 2005's "Batman Begins."

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From the MTV and AINC reports that saw the prologue, they didn't mention that scene. I hope we can see it this early though.
dude, just so you know, the mods aren't too keen on posting scans of the Wizard or Empire articles, spoiler tags or no..

as for your question, i'd like to not spoil myself on that one :hoboj:
KK i didn't know. sorry.

They don't care if it's typed out though do they?
no. it can be typed out. just no scans. and no, i dont think that will be at the end of the prologue. would be cool. but it hasnt been reported.
I don't think that's an actual seen, I think the writer is just trying to create the atmosphere for the report.
There's nothing spoilerish.
i think it may be a scene. if it's not, that's a pretty good fake scene
I skimmed through it, I started reading the first few lines then saw it mention Batman Begins then just blew it off.
well, what I was getting at is this, MAYBE it's not IN the prologue, BUT the prologue is supposively the first 5 to 8 minutes of the movie. Well, if that is true this could plausibly the opening scene directly after the prologue, thus plausibly the opening scene of the movie.
well, what I was getting at is this, MAYBE it's not IN the prologue, BUT the prologue is supposively the first 5 to 8 minutes of the movie. Well, if that is true this could plausibly the opening scene directly after the prologue.

Oh yeah, for sure. Probably Gordon's entrance to the film.
Well if it's not that would only imply two things

1. there are multiple bank robberies in this movie

2. this scene is fake (despite being reported from wizard magazine)
im sure there are multiple bank robberies. at first, i think that is joker's thing. he robs banks before things escalate.
he robs the same bank multiple times lol

he just might. We know he doesn't kill Fitchner the first robbery so he should have another scene and we know he's out to torment the mob and that's their bank.
I suppose that makes sense as to why Gordon would be super infuriated by not catching him
I was wondering that too when I posted this.
maybe the movie will open with the joker scene then after they get away we'll get the batman logo and that scene comes next kinda like xmen 3's prologue
yeah. that's possible. but that says that
they chase joker into a vault
and that clearly doesn't happen in the "prologue"
no biggie. for a little while i was thinking that wizard magazine picture was from the bank scene even though joker clearly isn't wearing a purple suit in the bank scene, so that was dumb.
i have notions of why joker robs the outfit's bank. i've seen other posts on why he does it. if he robs them in order to put a price on bats head, I want to know this? why would he go thru this to kill batman? there must be more rhyme to such a desire to kill batman. sure, maybe he just knows of him and wants him dead, but i don't see that as a great motivator. there must be something to make joker hate bats.

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