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The Dark Knight The Dark Knight, your opinion and your expectations


Sep 18, 2007
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so in this thread you discuss what you think about dark knight, your expectations etc
feel free to posat dark knight stuff on here too (trailers, poster, etc)

oh and if this thread has been made then my apologies
but please dont shout at or anything
The Dark Knight shall rule most of superhero dull and dumb films, by its nuance and development, hold into realism and coherence, all supported by an excellent and appealing cast and a great director. I'm more hyped (dangerously) than BB, and I can believe The Dark Knight could surpass its predecessor. Heck, the first Batman movie EVER to NOT include the word "batman" in its title, now THAT's incredible, creative and intelligent. Yes, above all, this movie looks intelligent from what we've read, heard and seen so far. Hooray for The Dark Knight, and hooray for the focused way of working that Nolan has, I really respect that, people that urge him to see trailers and such should be ashamed.
well i think this film has a lot of potential
after seeing the footage on the imax i have high expectations of this film
i think its gonna be cool :brucebat:
I also have ridiculously high expectations for this film. And why not? The first one was fantastic, and this film will be a continuation of that story, with almost the entirely same cast (the weakest link has been replaced by a superior talent) and a brilliant director who seems to grasp the essence of bringing Batman to film better than any other director who has taken a stab at it.

Sure, I initially griped when I realized that the Joker wasn't going to be perma-white and it took me a little while until I dug the BB and TDK batsuits, but I understand the purpose of them, and for that they get my approval. The trouble with bringing a character like Batman to the big screen is that, for it to work right, you CAN'T make it 100% faithful to the comics. The idea behind Batman is that he's supposed to be a hero who could exist in the real world. A character like Spider-Man or Superman can't (unless you believe in super powers, I guess) so there is room for some camp and goofyness. But Batman is a dark, realistic hero in a grim world. If we had a guy in blue and grey tights doing acrobatics as he swings on million ropes that can grapple onto anything, something would be lost even if it looks as if it was ripped straight from the comic book pages.
Low expectations, expect something better than it's predecessor though.
Very high expectations for me. Especially after seeing the trailer. Ledger has completely sold me now as The Joker. Both in appearance and performance.

Harvey Dent's story is also something I have big expectations for. I expect to warm more towards the Rachel Dawes character now that Maggie has taken the role.
i hope its the batman we all wanted and i think nolans done that none of campy crap and none of that stupid george clooney stuff i hope its realistic and i hope Ledger RIP pulls of the performance of his life that all his family can watch and remeber him for even if it is a character like the joker
i have some very high expectations for many reasons but i expect this movie to be very good, at the very least. Nolan has his own unique style of directing his own unique, view, which makes him very different from other directors like Raimi or Burton, which makes him great , he knows how to direct a superhero movie. With a great cast this movie should be good and if the story is right, it should be great, Bale is a great Batman, Joker is a much interesting cooler villain than Ras Al Ghul and Scarecrow, and ive seen Heath Ledger in the trailer and he is awesome,RIP, theres also Harvey Dent in this movie, theres more interesting characters, its going to be like batman tas but in real life and im going to feel like im 5 years old again, hopefully.
I'm certain that Ledger will be awesome as the Joker and Bale and the rest of the previous cast will still be good (I never liked Murphy but at least Holmes is out). I have tried to keep as ignorant as I can about the plot but what I've seen sounds good.

My worries are about the flaws of BB being on TDK again. The lousy action, corny dialogues, one-liners and secondary characters from the comics totally changed for the worse.

In short, my expectations are reasonably high but there's a huge dose of caution too.
My favorite actor (Christian Bale) is in it, Heath Ledger took this role as the Joker to heart and it is one of the reasons why he is dead. That in itself says this movie will be incredibly awesome due to how much he put into it

(RIP Heath Ledger)
I like the new bat-suit, looks realistic and better than ever, but I liked the logo from the original Batman movie and comics. I know, I know already pasted and talked about. I've seen Batman Begins and find myself missing the Bat logo that became an icon. Well I dunno about colouring it yellow or having a frame, but something.
i expect this movie to be darker, "creepier", and better than Begins.
I expect all critics to love this movie and shut up about spiderman 1 and 2

I expect this to be the best superhero/ batman movie yet

I expect this movie to be like the long halloween, which is a masterpiece
Compairing the new Batman theme to the old one, the old beats the living snot outta the new. But I'm willing to give it time and cool moments to pop in. Also hard for lightning to strike twice I suppose..Manoman the first one rocked. It rocked hard
I think Batman in TDK has the second coolest costume, next to Iron Man of course.
The Dark Knight will rock. It looks so good. At first I was questioning the casting of ledger but once I saw the trailer I was blown away. He does a masterful job. He seems more sadistic the nicholson joker. Jacks joker seemed more of a mob boss then an evil insane villian.

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