Will we ever get the show?

Well Sin City is so good because its so hard core... Im not sure a Tv show could capture The R rating.
If it was HBO or Showtime the rating and feel of the world would defintely be intact, but they should defintely keep the rules of the directors intact.
If they hade a show that would rule I would love to see it on Showtime.
I doubt it will happen at the moment with at least 5 films planned, but we can always hope.
With the second film slated for late 2007 I am starting to doubt we'll see a Sin City tv series. Maybe in the next decade?
Maybe. Watching the segments on their own on the DVD spesh edition, I realized they are perfect length for TV. Whether they'd be shown or not is an entirely diferent story.

But it would make a great radio show...or podcast, whatever...don't youse think?
If it were R-rated, or I should say rated the same as the film (we Aussies have R 18+, whereas yours is NC17+, we have MA15+, whereas you have R17+), it shouldn't be a problem. If they can buy the rights to show the movie itself, nothing stops them from airing a show with the same content/material. If they did decide not to air it and air the movie...they're more contradictory than the bible.
It better be on HBO because I don't have showtime!!!
It's not gonna matter for me coz we don't have HBO or Showtime (the American Showtime, anyway). We have about six movie channels on Foxtel and it would probably happen on Foxtel
I hope we won't get the show. It would be too much. Movies are fine by me.
I could see it perhaps, but definitely on Showtime, HBO, or the like. I wouldn't advise it, however, because I really am hesitant about a TV spinoff of any movie, much less a SC series. Ah well, I'd give it a watch.

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