Woman Crashes Car Into Salon, Gets Hair Done


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May 3, 2005
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SOLDOTNA, Alaska (AP) --

A woman on her way to hair appointment crashed her car through the hair salon. Della Miller, 73, crashed into the Tina's Hair Pros's windows Wednesday, knocking one customer six feet across the room, Soldotna police officer Marvin Towle said. The parking area in front of the salon was snow-covered.

Miranda Nelson, a stylist, said she was in the back room when she heard the crash.

"I thought a bomb had gone off," Nelson said.

Two large plate-glass windows were destroyed, walls were damaged, and the stonework front outside the salon was smashed, police said. Towle estimated damage to the building to be at least $15,000, and the car at another $2,500.

Miller, who was not injured, was not cited for the crash.

She proceeded with her hair appointment.
"Dearie, can you give me the latest hook-up? I hear that Greta Garbo look is the bee's knees these days."
You're on your way terry :joker:

edit: lol, I found it funny she was charged with no damages and just proceeded to the hair salon.
Happens all the time in my salon
I think old people forget that cars have brakes. :huh:
haha i agree...i live in old people-ville near dallas and theyll run stop signs and stuff and if you make them use their brakes...you will pay!...people over 65 should have to re-take the drivers test:o
She's 73. How much longer does she have to live? :o
Is that going to be me in my golden years? :csad:
pulled down a one way street today, to see some headlights coming right at me, and a short little old woman with her hands flailing in the air at the wheel go past me...
WTF??? Why wasn't she cited? See, this is why old people shouldn't drive.

They really shouldnt. Old people can barely walk. I'm sorry, I'm an ageist.

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