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Sequels X-men begins.


May 24, 2007
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Time to remake X-men. Time to make an actual X-men movie. Bryan singer and his lack of vision and respect for the comic books ruined them, and part 3 was a joke. Although Beast was wonderfully done.

The characters are unrecognizable. Can we get the real X-Men in a movie. and with costumes. Singer just threw them in leather 'cause the Matrix was popular.

Recast, remake.

So much time was lost making those dumb movies.

So many stories lost while they did nothing but crap. So much more could've been done with three movies.
I actually enjoyed the first Movie a lot. I also didn't mind the black Uniforms because the X-Men didn't operate in public like Spider-Man, so there was no need for flashy costumes. Not saying it was perfect, it could've definitely used some tweaks. Like not having Sabertooth being simply a dumb brute, or having too much of the focus on Wolverine. But otherwise I thought it was a solid first Movie.
It would actually be X-Men Begin because of the whole noun/verb agreement thing.

Unless you're referring to the X-Men series rather than the X-Men themselves, in which case it's one noun, i.e.: singular verb tense. ;)
As long as Fox has this property, don't expect X-men to get the "full treatment" any time soon. We're stuck with this low ball treatment of the X-men for some time.

Expect Fox to milk X-men into oblivion.

Totally wasted potential.
So true. Why the freakin hell are the making a Wolverine and Magneto movie!?:huh: They aren't even close to doing all they can with these X-men movies. Í don't get it.
I think it's too soon for a remake. They should make a good X-men 4. No solo movies! Maybe then we could forget about the horror that is X-men 3.
Although I anticipate the solo films I would rather have an X4, I think Fox missed a good chance to reviatalize the X-Men...I also think Its too soon for an X-Men Begins...Maybe if the solos are a disaster (for some reason I'm partially hoping they are and aren't)...we'll get a proper X4 or an X-Men Begins.
I'd like to see a reboot. X-men should be WAY more epic feeling. I thought the best thing to happen in that whole trilogy was Beast. Sure he wasnt a brilliant scientist and was just a politician, but other than that Beast was spot on.
i liked the x-men trilogy. even thought theres PLENTY i would have changed in X3, i was still entertained and it left the x-men in a place where the sequels can branch off and totally be there own without worrying about what previously happened (except of course for the 3 major deaths).

i want the new movies the focus on the next x-men: iceman, colossus, kitty, angel. bring in cannonball, wolfsbane, havok, etc. it sucks that we lost 3 of the franchises trademark characters, but as long as the keep storm, beast, and wolverine aroung (in the background) i think it could still appeal to the masses.
I liked the 1st X-Men film even though I was 14 when it came out...but now that I look back on it, the plot could have been better...I mean the whole turning humans into mutants is more of a Apocalyspe idea not Magneto

I think the plot for X1 should have involved Genosha Island:mutants as slaves(cameos galore i.e.Gambit), Mags tries to recruit Logan into the BoE(ala a hint at Logan/Creed past), introduces Rogue, Prof. X estbalished as a human & mutant rights activist, Magneto a known threat, and a Sentinel

X-Men: Cyclops, Jean, Storm, Colossus (Logan/Rogue)
BoE: Mystique, Sabretooth, Toad, Avalanche, Blob
Humans/Gov.: Senator Kelly, Trask(who is killed at the end), Henry Gyrich

I liked the fact that (Jubilee,Pyro),Kitty/Bobby, Rogue became team members in X3, so I'll keep them as students in X1
It's too early to reboot, imo. If the trilogy had failed, yeah, but it was successful and still fresh in peoples minds.

I do agree though, it will be nice to see a reboot at some point that's closer to the comics.
I don't think there should, or will, be a reboot in the way people are suggesting.

But it's quite possible that the Magneto spin-off will itself be a sort of X-Men Begins from which other movies will come, showing the earlier years of the school and the X-Men's missions in a way that loosely precedes the events of the three existing movies. I think it would be impossible to make everything fit seamlessly but it could show people like Banshee, Havok, Polaris, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, even some mutants who come later in the comics chronology.

It could also show an earlier Beast, before he turned blue and furry. We could see how/when his mutation advanced and how he left to fight for mutant rights. It could well be that something terribly anti-mutant led to his mutation advancing - maybe an attack as in UXM or some sort of experimentation on mutants.

There is plenty of scope for prequel events. I can feel my screenwriting pen quivering with excitement and imagination!

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