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Feb 13, 2005
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This Was The Best X-Team EVER!!!! Don't You Agree?

Archangel, Banshee, Beast, Colossus, Cyclops, Forge, Gambit, Jean Grey, Iceman, Psylocke, Rogue, Storm, Wolverine, Professor Charles Xavier.

Leaders: Cyclops & Storm
That's the team that was in place when I first started collecting...I'ma always have a soft spot for that lineup and those stories.
ummm... I dunno. I always thought it was a little uneven, the Blue team was always clearly so much better than the Gold team.


No, The Gold Team Was Actually Better....... (Jean, Iceman, !Storm!)

Blue Team Was More Physical. Blue didn't really have a very POWERFUL member at that time.

Gold Team Was More Telekenitic, Telepathic & Elemental. Gold had more raw power.

So its all what U Prefer.... If it was up to me my pick Would Be:

STORM, Rogue, Iceman, Psylocke, Gambit, Wolverine
Never realized it before, but the Gold team is pretty damn powerful compared to other x-teams. You have Jean, Bobby, and Storm. Colossus, Bishop, and Archangel are tough guys too.
My favorite characters were on the blue team, but the gold team was still decent...this was back when I liked Jean and she wasn't all immersed in Pheonix b/s like she has been lately.
Hmm, I never realized before that when those line-ups were in place Cyclops and Jean were on different teams. Anyway, I like both teams a lot. I originally got into the X-Men from the '90s cartoon and reprints of '60s issues...but this was the in-continuity team that was around then and I soon got into those comics as well. Good stuff.
yeah, but in the TV series they would often fight together. Storm & Rogue fought together a couple of times.

So it was really one Big Team!
I would probably have switched psylock and Jean... it gives the blue team an increase in power and puts the two with people they work well with. From what I remember, when psylock first joined she was closer with storm, and I guess jean can work well with anyone, particularly the guy who shares a psycic raport with her.
Intheknow101 said:
Never realized it before, but the Gold team is pretty damn powerful compared to other x-teams. You have Jean, Bobby, and Storm. Colossus, Bishop, and Archangel are tough guys too.
Now I always saw it as the Gold Team had more potential power wise, but its members were not as nearly confident and skilled at using their powers as they are now.
The Blue Team was always honed and skilled at the peak of their abilities.
The Gold Team could have been more powerful, they just had a lot more to learn about their powers.
True, Psylocke was kicka*s & jean always had a headache, lol but Storm & Iceman seemed pretty intuned with their powers
I always looked at the Blue team as the stealth team...they had Wolverine, Psylocke the ninja and Gambit the thief. Beast is stealthy too...for a big blue ape. Jubes was like Wolvie's mascot and Rogue fit the edgy vibe of the team. Cyclops isn't that stealthy, but Storm was leading the gold team so...ya know.

Gold team was like the powerhouse team for the big threats...Storm controlled the weather, u had Jean and Iceman, the "omegas," the big strong dude in Collossus, etc.
i agree, blue was that in your face kick your a** team & gold was that kICk your a** destroy your planet team......... lol

i can't wait until the day that STORM becomes an OMEGA! Shes damn there already! CLAREMONT MAKE IT OFFICIAL!
I liked the blue most, and yes, those were great times
I probably would have switched Bobby and Hank around, that might have evened things up a bit...

Still, those were cool lineups. :)

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