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Mar 1, 2006
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(Note for the moderators: I realize I could just bump my old thread about this, but frankly I screwed that one up; these stories are too long for me to just keep posting the whole things as I did there. I hope it's okay if let the old one keep dropping-- it can even be deleted-- and start one with links to the new stories. If not, please let me know and I apologize.)

Anyway, the X-Men Eternity Universe-- which scatters the X-teams throughout the Multiverse in the wake of the House of M-- is back with a slate of new issues! This time around, we have:

Uncanny X-Men #2: Brotherhood's Keeper
Iceman leads a team to track down the fugitive Sabretooth; meanwhile, Jubilee and Blink are following a lead of their own... will they bond or kill each other? It's a toss-up...

New X-Men #2: Tempting the Storm
Saving Forge from the alternate reality's version of Marrow leads Storm to some hard truths about her alternate self. Meanwhile, Bishop and X-23 are trying to free Rachel from custody... yeah, that'll be easy...

X-Force #2: The Lion's Heart
The team undertakes its first mission... saving Magneto? But one of them will end up captured in his place! You won't believe who shows up at the end... erm, but hopefully that's good disbelief...

X-Factor #2: Twist and Turn
Angel gets in deep trouble trying to deal with Nathaniel Essex, the twisted geneticist destined to become Mr. Sinister! Meanwhile, a simple job for their client turns into something more like a crusade for Cecilia Reyes...

eXcalibur #2: The Elephant and the Dragon
Approached by one of the Stepford Cuckoos, Banshee gets a clue as to the nature of this time-hopping adventure... but he can't possibly expect to find what he does. Plus, the Juggernaut fights a dragon! C'mon, how could you miss that...?

The stories can also be found by searching for author "rjb" on fanfiction.net. Enjoy?
Our 3rd issues are now online!


Uncanny X-Men #3: Girls' Night Out
While Jubilee and Blink track down Mystique, Bobby Drake begins having disturbing dreams that just might hold the key to everything. Do the Stepford Cuckoos hold the answers he seeks? This is an important issue to the overall plot...

New X-Men #3: Peace in Our Time
A political assassination leaves the Beast with a grudge against the alternate future's Kitty Pryde. Bishop and X-23 rescue a mutant who might be a valuable ally or their worst enemy in this new time... and it's Psylocke? Stay tuned...

X-Force #3: If Hitler Invaded Hell
To complete their first mission, Logan's team might need a little assist from Captain America. But with Kitty in the hands of the enemy, will they have to conquer an entire city to get her back? Plus: Longshot!

X-Factor #3: Down the Bayou
Husk and Chamber are fleeing from unknown assassins, and Sam Guthrie's momma may kill him if he doesn't rescue them. Gambit's shady dealings may hold the key to the whole mess... as usual.

eXcalibur #3: Slaying the Dragon
Jean Grey squares off with Merlin, while Havok and Polaris try to hold the line and Wolfsbane and Jamie Madrox struggle with the controls of a Shi'ar spaceship. Things transpire!

As always, also under rjb on fanfiction.net. Thanks for looking, and if you read 'em, enjoy! :)
The fourth issues of the "Eternity" series are now online... we're more than halfway through our first story arc, and going strong.


Uncanny X-Men #4: White Queen, Black King
Emma Frost faces a crossroads when her former ally in the Hellfire Club, Sebastian Shaw, comes calling with an offer to make. Meanwhile, Northstar has an unorthodox idea to help the badly-wounded Siryn...

New X-Men #4: Beauty & the Beast
Hank goes after the alternate Kitty Pryde, but catching her will cost him... BIG changes for the Beast in this issue. Meanwhile, Rachel seeks out the future version of Nightcrawler to learn how this timeline went wrong...

X-Force #4: The Two-Front War
Colossus risks everything to rescue (the real) Kitty, while Psylocke launches a dangerous operation behind enemy lines. Their respective missions will force Logan to make a terrible choice... must-see ending.

X-Factor #4: Family Business
When the bill for Angel's apparent treachery comes due, Rogue seeks out a mysterious old man who may be able to save her friends... and help her control her powers?

eXcalibur #4: Constant as the Northern Star
While Polaris hunts down the missing Quicksilver, Havok leads a team of X-Men in a mission as Knights of the Round Table. No, seriously.

Once again, the stories are also available on fanfiction.net. Thanks for looking! :)
Our fifth issues are out now, as the Slayer arc draws near its conclusion. Today we have:

Uncanny X-Men #5: Memory and Shadow
Cyclops and Mystique discuss an alliance against the Slayer, while Emma Frost and Jubilee go hunting for the long-buried secret that might destroy it...

New X-Men #5: Storm Fronts-- in Collision!
Storm hunts for her corrupt alternate self in the African nation of Wakanda! Meanwhile, a traitor in their midst makes a deal to sell out the team. Guest-starring the Black Panther!

X-Force #5: Someone to Watch Over Me
Wolverine and Psylocke find their relationship changing in unexpected ways while on a mission. Meanwhile, Magneto approaches Nocturne with an unexpected proposal and Dazzler and Longshot fight the Blitz in London! Not one to miss!

X-Factor #5: Rogue Mission
Only Rogue, of all the X-Men, can save the captured Chamber from a fate worse than death. But to do it, she'll need her Ms. Marvel powers back-- and what she'll do to get them might split her from Gambit forever!

eXcalibur #5: Gift of the Madri
A renegade Jamie Madrox is loose amongst the team, and he'll have one of their blood on his hands by the end of the issue. Meanwhile, Polaris learns a secret about a dangerous new ally...

Of course, you can also find these stories on Fanfiction.net

Thanks for your time! :)
At length, we have our sixth issues, as well as the giant-sized crossover that wraps up the whole story arc. They are:

Uncanny X-Men #6: New England Mile
Iceman learns the truth about his future, while Emma and Jubilee find a way to bring the X-Men home. I don't want to worry y'all, but there's a slight chance the fate of the Universe rests with Jubes...

New X-Men #6: Summers' End
The true story of the death of Cyclops in this reality. You may be surprised to find out who killed him-- but that's nothing compared to the ending. Two words: Dark Phoenix.

X-Force #6: I'll Be Seeing You
Kurt and Kitty are in mortal danger, and Wolverine's team will risk everything to save them. Emma brings them the way home, but not all of the team will be making the trip...

X-Factor #6: The Thief and the Angel
Gambit wants to get Rogue back. Esme Cuckoo wants to destroy the X-Men from the inside. Will either of them get their wish? You'll have to read to find out....

eXcalibur #6: The Girl Who Would Be Phoenix
Havok and Polaris lead a revolution against the corruption of Merlin-- meanwhile Jean Grey must race to confront a threat only she has a hope of stopping... and it may be too powerful even for her!

and it all leads up to....

X-Men Eternity: The Crossroads
Giant-sized! (As in really long) Featuring more than thirty X-Men reunited against one of the biggest threats they've ever faced! Who will survive? More importantly, who won't? This is the story that will put an exclamation point on everything that's come before! If you read only one fanfic this year... the odds are staggeringly low that you'll choose this one! But if you did, I think it'd be worth your while...

As always, fanfiction.net is an option, too. Thanks for your time! :)
It's been quite a while, but this series is finally back with another set of story arcs. New casts, new villains, new issues! For example:

Uncanny X-Men #7: From the Ashes
My own "House of M" fallout, as The X-Men and the Avengers nearly come to blows over the fate of the Scarlet Witch! Oh, and then there's that doctor fellow who guest-stars... y'know, the Doom guy...

Generation: Eternity #1: Jubilation Day
A new series replaces the cancelled eXcalibur, as Emma Frost opens a new school with her former GenX students for faculty. If you're a Jubilee fan, you'll probably love but possibly hate this episode.

X-Force #7: When They Came Marching Home
Peter Wisdom enters the series for a nice little triangle with Kitty and Piotr. Also, Storm meets some Nazis and explains to them the importance of freedom and tolerance. With lightning bolts.

X-Factor #7: Apocalypse Then!
What do you do when your rustic border town has been transformed into brainwashed zombie mutates? You could try calling Rogue's crew. Their rates are very reasonable! Also, Madrox, Wolfsbane, and Strong Guy enter the series so I don't feel so guilty about calling it X-Factor.

New X-Men #7: War Machines
Cyclops and Phoenix take over as the leads for this series, just in time for the start of a futuristic World War between humans and mutants. Those guys have all the fun...

Therse stories are also on... wait for it!... fanfiction.net. If I was the sort of person who liked getting reviews there. Which, let's face it, I am.

Thanks, and if you read I hope you enjoy! :)
Eternity's back with a new round of issues, including:

Uncanny X-Men #8: Masks
Bobby Drake leads a mission to Latveria to see who's been killing mutants in Dr. Doom's absence. Meanwhile, tensions between X-Men & Avengers result in Iron Man putting into play a new strategy. Unlike the one in Civil War, this one's only a little evil...

Generation Eternity #2: Schoolyard Blues
Deadpool pays a visit-- but why is the Merc with a Mouth trying to kill Emma Frost? And... Hank McCoy is a werecat? Seriously. Plus: Jubilee teaches school. Our educational system will never be the same!

X-Force #8: Company of Heroes
Psylocke is a prisoner of the Empire of Japan! And while the team is getting up a rescue, Sabretooth attacks! Who can stop him? Certainly not Dazzler! Shame she's the only one around...

X-Factor #8: Unconditional Surrender
Jamie Madrox is on the trail of Apocalypse! If you're thinking that's a mismatch, you're... probably right. Also, Rogue joins the Stepford Cuckoos? Hey, there was a spot open...

New X-Men #8: Along Came a Spider-Girl...
Robot drones attacking the American West? This sounds like a job for the Fantastic Four! Yeah, but they're not around, so X-23 will have to do the job, with an assist from... May Parker?? Cyclops and Jean Grey help, too.

Also this time around, we have a special issue, expanding our series into other branches of the Marvel Universe. It's:

Spider-Man Eternity: Acts of Mercy
In the wake of the House of M, a mysterious woman contacts Peter Parker with a chance to save the family he's lost. But what will be the cost when Spidey bucks the course of history? Guest-starring Luke Cage!

If you prefer, you can also read the stories on fanfiction.net.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy! :)

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