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Jul 25, 2007
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X-Men First Class
-Professor Xavier
-Jean Grey
-Moira MacTaggert

Charles and Erik find their first students who are all young adults. They train them and help them control their abilities and Cyclops grows as a leader, him and Jean form a relationship, and Beast makes his accidental transformation. One day Juggernaut attacks the city. The X-Men go out to stop him. After they defeat Juggernaut the cops shot at the X-Men, luckily Magneto stops all of the bullets and nearly kills the cops but Professor Xavier stops him by entering his mind. Magneto leaves the team. Years later everyone except for Bobby are teachers and there are more students. Juggernaut attacks the mansion again but this time wearing a helmet that prevents Charles from taking him down. This is all a distraction so that Magneto can threaten the U.S. with a terrorist attack while he is at a missle base. The X-Men stop the attack but loose Magneto.

Uncanny X-Men
-Senator Kelly
-Emma Frost
-Bolivar Trask

After the Magneto's threat the Government are somewhat against mutants. Especially Senator Kelly who joins with mad man Bolivar Trask to capture mutants using Sentinels. When Sentinels attack a school the X-Men do their best to stop it but everyone except for Jean is kidnapped. Cyclops is thrown in a cell with Emma Frost where they form a close friendship. Everyone prisoner is depowered due to special collars. Professor Xavier and Jean Grey recruit students Colossus and Kitty and bring in other mutants that Charles has been in touch with Storm, Nightcrawler and Wolverine. Wolverine flirts heavy with Jean. Eventually the New X-Men find and break out the captured mutants for an all out war against many Sentinels. In the end Jean uses her newly manifested Phoenix abilites to make Nightcrawler teleport everyone to the X-Jet and destroy the Sentinel base which is right near a damn that breaks and takes her and the building down under. Emma Frost joins the X-Men. Professor X talks with the president and Senator Kelly is relieved of his duties as Senator or anything else in the government.

Astonishing X-Men
-Hellfire Club, Sebastian Shaw, Harry Leland, Selene, Mastermind
-Dark Phoenix

Cyclops is still devastated by the loss of Jean after her heroic sacrifice. He only talks with Jean and no longer is on the team and has a hard time teaching. Professor Xavier feels that Jean is alive and the X-Men find her. Emma starts to alienate Jean from everyone else and plans on making Jean her best-friend while still hitting on Cyclops. Emma takes Jean out of the mansion and to the Hellfire Club for a girls night out. Sebastian and his team persuade Jean into joining them through mind tricks among other things. Eventually Dark Phoenix comes out after many illusions and thoughts are placed in Jean's head. Emma sees that the Hellfire Club have even darker plans than she once believed so she alerts the X-Men who are disappointed by her treachery. They try to tame the Phoenix but she becomes deadly, killing one of the Hellfire Club members and mentally attacking Charles and Emma placing them in comas. In the final battle Wolverine ends Jean's battle with the Phoenix by killing her after Cyclops is unsuccessful and knocked unconcious.

X-Men MDay
-Brotherhood of Evil:Quicksilver, Mystique, Scarlet Witch, Pyro, Blob, Avalanche, Toad, Rogue, and other mutants.

Magneto returns with a full army of mutants. And they are targeting many attacking many areas in the U.S. Mystique has her daughter Rogue drain two mutants in their army because she thinks that they're traitors and Rogue ends up killing them both. Rogue keeps their abilities but is full of guilt because she just murdered to mutants. The X-Men go up against the Brotherhood and new rivalries start. Cyclops and Emma have a distant relationship now because of her betrayal even though they still have some kind of feelings for one another. Mystique reveals to Nightcrawler that he's her son. Rogue joins the X-Men and Magneto is finally captured.

X-Men: Evolution
-Marauders: Gambit, Vertigo, Psylocke, Harpoon, Blockbuster, Riptide, Arclight, Multiple Man

Mutants attack the mansion and capture Cyclops and Angel. The next day they find that Jeans grave has been dug up and her corpse is missing. Professor X locates one of the mutants that attacked the mansion and sends some of the team to get information out of him. Rogue finds the guy who is Gambit and he flirts with her even though she's giving him attitude. Eventually the fight becomes intense when more Marauders show up and the rest of the rest of the team that's with Rogue helps her out. Rogue finds out where Cyclops is after absorbing Gambit's memory. They get to Sinisters base to find a much different Angel than they're familiar with and Cyclops and Jean's corp laying next to each other on two lab tables. They defeat the Marauders and Mr.Sinister with the help of Gambit who was only apart of their team because he was blackmailed. Mr.Sinister has Archangel fly him away to saftey and they escape with Cyclops and Jean blood samples.

X-Men:Rise of Apocalypse

Mr.Sinister uses the blood samples acquired in the last movie to bring back the first mutant Apocalypse. Mutants start to disappear and Egyptian symbols and pyramids start to appear all over the world. Professor Xavier and Storm are two of a few of the mutants that has disappeared and Magneto has also disappeared from his cell as well as Juggernaut. The X-Men team up with mutants that they once fought against to stop their mentor, friends and enemies who's powers have been enhanced and by Apocalypse who has them under his control in his plan to take over the world.

Xavier and Magnus
-Shadow King

Charles Xavier and Erik Magnus origins are shown and how they met. They travel the world searching for others like them. In Africa they have a fight with a mutant named Shadow King who has young african children steal for him. Xavier meets a young Ororo Munroe who is one of the children. He makes the kids attack Charles after he sees him trying to be a good influence and lead them away from that life. Shadow King takes over a man and stabs Charles in the back crippling him. Later on Professor Xavier has an intense battle with the Shadow King in the astral plane defeating him once and for all.

Weapon X
-Silver Fox
-Reverend Stryker

The Wolverine
-Silver Samurai
-Lady Deathstrike

-Omega Red

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