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Sequels X4: X-Men Inferno


Mar 18, 2006
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Depending on what they do with Jean Grey in this one(even if she technically dies, they could still find away for this to work) tell me if you agree with me, but i think the next logical step is Sinister, Maydellen Prior(spell check) the inferno, and the search for the perfect mutant...

ether way, if jean lives, her and scott could get married, and in the wedding the Mauraders could ambush and capture them, or get them on their honey moon (a la, TAS)

or if she dies..Sinister could get someone to sneak her DNA sample and create Prior (a la INFERNO)

other things that could be in this movie...

The Savage Land, would be cool to see, do the storyline, where, Magneto created it to be the original Haven for mutants, but left, and Sinister took over

Sauron, and the Mauraders both could or should be involved

under tones of Apacolypse

the Origin of Cable

Gambit would finally be in an X-men movie, and there could be that sub plot of like...how many times does the scoundrell have to prove he is a hero before he starts believing himself (quoted from xavier)....where like he joins the xmen, but it is revealed he worked for sinister or something, and they might like kick him out, and then in the end he saves the day maybe...haha that would be sick

so yeah that is all i have, tell me what ya think

and also think about this, there is no more need really for them to fight in like the americas, my guess is the world (san fransico) is going to be in such destruction that the xmen might be hated more, and are not going to want to show themselves for a while...maybe
What do I think? I hate evil clones, alternate reality children and time travelling characters, and I especially dont think they would work in the movies.

Cable could work if he was just Jean and Scott's kid.

Madelyne woldnt work at all.

Inferno wont work at all as a story. Its about demons taking over NYC. Demons. Which is great for a horror movie but not for X-men.
Good idea. I would like to see Big Trouble along the side of other X-Men, battling against demons and stuff like that.
Big Trouble is the only one who can pull the job. Longshot had a variant of the power, but was still too much naive.

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