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Yes, it's time for another remake: High Noon


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Sep 1, 2000
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"High Noon" Remake Planned
By Garth Franklin
Tuesday November 6th 2007 12:51am
Producer Mark Headley, actor Christopher Mitchum and business partner Toni Covington have acquired remake rights to the 1952 classic Western "High Noon" says The Hollywood Reporter.

The iconic original followed a town marshal (Gary Cooper) forced to face a gang of killers by himself. Grace Kelly also starred.

A director and a star are being sought to play the lead and hopes to begin shooting early next year with a target budget of about $20 million.
I can already see the movie poster. A low shot of a western town with saloons and what not on either side, with a POV shot of the main character from behind while he's facing the gang, all of whom are looking at him.
why god why

They found a new way to do remakes without writers. Keep the main story of the original & dialogue with giving the cast members options of changing something here & there but the rest will be the same with no re writes needed :o
I'll give it a shot if it's done as well as 3:10 to Yuma...


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