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Your Most Anticipated PS4 Games


Psychological Anarchist
Jan 25, 2008
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Watch Dogs and Infamous:Second Son for me.

Especially the former.
Definitely Second Son, Watch Dogs and Destiny. But also any future titles produced by Naughty Dog.
Out of that list..

Infamous: Second Son
Watch Dogs
Diablo III
inFAMOUS and Last of Us
I voted for Watch Dogs, which will be available for Microsoft systems
Even IF I get Xbox 3 I'll likely get Destiny for PS4,Mostly cause of exclusive game content..Unless it's just for a few months and Xbox gets that content eventually
Destiny...By far. What's The Witness? Do we play as a little Amish boy?


Deep Down could be good...Heard it could be set in the Dragon Dogma universe.
Well Destiny looks kinda popular around here.

Why are people excited about it?
Only 2 votes for Killzone?

That's a Sony flagship.

I guess some people are getting tired of it.
Killzone is my most anticipated out of those that were shown. I had so much fun with the third game, which is also the only one I played.
I've actually never played a Killzone game before,This one for PS4 looks great But not sure IF excited about it yet
I've never been a huge fan of the KZ series... However, I feel it will be a good "show off" game to friends. So, I'll probably get it.
Well Destiny looks kinda popular around here.

Why are people excited about it?

It's the next big game from Bungie, who are among the best shooter devs (THE best in my opinion) in the business. The game itself sounds like an awesome mix of co-op, MMO, shooter, RPG, sci-fi, and fantasy.
Just looked at the reveal trailer for Destiny.

The visuals are nice, especially the character design.

I didn't notice any gameplay shots just cut scenes. Did I miss them?
inFamous Second Son is my most anticipated PS4 game at the moment.

I voted for Watch_Dogs as well but I'll probably end up getting it for PS3.
Infamous is probably my favorite Sony franchise (actually go back and forth with Uncharted) so that all the way.

IMO, the embarrassing FF shouldn't even be up there. No title was announced and SE still has PS3 games they began working on that are nowhere in sight
I have to say while these games look decent, and I will probably buy Killzone 4 (one day) there's really nothing here that would make me run out and buy a PS4 (assuming it was already out).

Well, Destiny might do it. But I need to see more.

But hey, when I get it in 2016, I will be able to buy Final Fantasy Versus XIII the same year it comes out.

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