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Feb 15, 2006
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Hey, just had this what i thought was a cool idea.
Its to write your own script for a short teaser/trailer for any upcoming Marvel movie or just any character that you like. You can even add a small summary of what YOU would like in the film if it was released.

I hope you guys like this idea!

I'll start off with urmm Captain America.

[Camera zooms towards two Nazi soldiers stood outside a small brick outpost in the snow]

Nazi Soldier 1: *Speaks German*

Nazi Soldier 2: {laughs} *Speaks German*


Captain America: [off screen] CATCH!

[Soldiers look up and shocked, draw their pistols ready to fight. Something blurs across the screen knocking both to the floor]

[Camera shows one trying to get to his feet looking up shouting "Das Französisch greift an" (The French attacks)]

Captain America: {Grabbing the soldier} Do you think this 'A' on my head stands for France?!?! (along the lines of ultimate cap)

[Captain America headbutts the soldier, stands up, camera pans around to see Cap standing over two immobile bodies with American soldiers running out the woods from behind him. The shield which he threw earlier comes back to him from the camera, he catches it, runs towards the camera shield first]
*Fade to black*
*Fade to black*
The legend begins

I know its probably not the best example but i hope you get the idea. I hope to see some great ideas so don't let me down I've seen what you guys can do!
Come on, are you telling me you comic geniuses have no opinion on what you'd like to see in any marvel characters teaser/trailer/film?

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