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Jun 14, 2007
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Here's my outline for a Captain America movie, as short as possible.
Its the 40s. Steve rogers is the son of an immigrant now dead, and his life is crap, hes down on his luck, but searching for the american dream, for meaning, for hope. Steve and his young pal named bucky decide to join the war, even though bucky is a few years underage. fortunately steve is just scrawny enough, and with few enough relatives and friends, to be used as an experiment for a super soldier serum.
the serum not only enhances strength, immunity, reflexes, and senses, but the interesting feature is that it actually makes them more patriotic. shortly after the serum kicks in, when given the suggestion to love america, the subject will do just that. So they give him the serum, tell him to love america, slap a suit on him,
(the suit should be this:

with wings, and the textures of the ultimate alliance video game)
and send him on his way. After 2 successful battles (the second of which would feature the introduction of red skull, terrifying and cruel, constantly surrounded by enough nazis for him to walk around casualy on the battlefield)of cap not only kicking ass and taking names, but inspiring the other soldiers,"Captain America," as the other soldiers call him, is pretty much a success. The general who commissioned project captain america says that if he can complete the next battle, they'll start mass producing the serum. Unfortunately in the middle of the next battle, the mind-control part of the serum suddenly wares off, and cap gets captured by the some nazis.
While in a chamber designed by the red skull to put captured soldiers in, to which he and a few other soldiers has been confined and tortered in, steve is informed on the events of what has happened, in addition to seeing bucky in hostage, who has gotten into the war. after a few minutes of dialogue about how barbaric war is, and that we shouldnt impose our beleifs, of steve feeling betrayed by the country, the red skull comes in, torments captain america some, only before slaughtering bucky. avter red skull's departure, some americans break steve and the soldiers out. The general apologizes to steve, sends him home, and sends him a check in apology. Steve returns home, to see that america has been stricken with fear by the war, by the fear of death, by the knowledge that the holocaust even exists. Steve spends a minute praying to god that he'll know what to do is right. the next morning, steve seens a man being beaten in an alley and getting mugged, to which he puts a stop. The mugger informs him that the man was an immigrant who took his job, and that steve has no right to become a part of a conflict that wasnt involving steve, to which steve replies "Well if I dont, who will? And if I dont take a stand, what does that say about how much i care about other people?" And at that very moment, steve realizes why war, or why this war at least, needs to be fought.
Steve enlists back into the army, and they give him his old suit, and send him to germany. The third act would be pretty big in terms of fight scenes, which include cap breaking people out of a small concentration camp, and eventually captain america makes it to the red skull. While he has red skull is in a head lock he asks cap if it all goes out out of revenge for a worthless maggot like bucky. Cap assures him "No, its revenge for humanity." Red skull punches cap in the face, escapes, and then cap frisbees the shield at red skull, crushing and pinning his neck to the wall, more or less decapitating him. Cap comes home, and is gretted and lauded by his peers.
The film basically ends with Steve rogers taking a walk around the country, visiting landmarks, and revealing in a voiceover monologue that he loves america, as flawed as it may be. Its the land of oppurtunity, where men can get a job to provide for a family, and for the future. where all men are created equal, and one man, with the help of many can make a difference.

Steve rogers would be sam rockwell
additionally, i think i should point out that bucky would help cap'n in battle alot, and that the fight scenes would be very ultimate alliance video game-esque, so theyd also inheirently by kinda like 300, without being to glorious or over the top
its different yes but not enough ,to me anyway to be unaceptable
My point was that this movie can go either way: it can be campy and stupid and miss the point of the character, or it can go back to the roots of captain america who was more or less war propaganda and use the character to analyze the nature of war.

Our country is in a weird place right now, and nobody likes the war we're in, or our leader, and even though he's almost out of the office, America needs a story to look at america back when it was in one of its most trying times; WWII. Theres a big oppurtunity here, i just hope they dont mess it up.

Has their been any word on when the movie is gonna be set? because if they set it in modern times, they're f***ing ******ed.
It certainly grasps the spirit of Cap,I just cannot see Rockwell in the role. And I love Rockwell.
It certainly grasps the spirit of Cap,I just cannot see Rockwell in the role. And I love Rockwell.
Well, choke has proven two thins: clark gregg didn't understand the book at all, and rockwell is a fine actor. He's an everyman, and I mean the real one. He's not exceptionally gorgeous, but easy to look at for 2 hours. My thing is that if he can capture steve rogers, and if he's capable of putting on lots of weight, then he can be cap.

But that's just my opinion.
SO Nick Cassavettes is supposed to direct this, right? ANy word on what direction theyre going with here?
What was the last bit of news they had about when/who/how captain america is getting done?
SO Nick Cassavettes is supposed to direct this, right? ANy word on what direction theyre going with here?

There was a wild rumor flying about that Nick was a lock to direct the film. Fortunately, this was said about his doomed Iron Man concept. I'd say, at the moment, Marvel's only focusing on Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk, while waiting for their draft of Captain America.

After a bit of revising, I'm sure, it'll be sent to a director or two.
to be honest i don't think your movie idea would hold up in the world of hollywood. Yes it does stay true to the comics (for the most part) which is a plus but it is in need of a serious update.

This is my advice but of course you don't need to follow any of this. This is just a sugestion.

Quite frankly i don't like the fact that Cap is the son of an immigrant and to be quite honest i was born in the UK

The main thing that killed Spider-man 3 was too many coincidences which disconnects an audience from the film and i feel as if your idea that "fortunately steve is just scrawny enough, and with few enough relatives and friends, to be used as an experiment for a super soldier serum." Is to coincidental that he was just picked at random. I feel as if it lacks something.

Steve should be a hero before being Cap it will better develop his humanity

IN Hollywood they would probably loose Bucky and make Cap's internal struggle be over his girlfriend Betsy and how he had to leave her behind for war

I also think that Steve should get injured doing something heroic and then he gets the apportunity to countinue fighting with a serum that will enhance his strength and heal his injury but he would have to give up his friends and family and Betsy making the decision a much greater internal conflict

I wrote a Cap scriptment like you did except it goes in a drastically different direction and needs alot of work. I can post it if you would like

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