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Zeitgeist, the Movie - Conspiracy Theory or Fact?


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May 2, 2004
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I watched this movie over the weekend.

Certainly much of this movie may seem far fetched but I think the whole point is for us to DO OUR HOMEWORK and through that we will learn THE TRUTH.

Below is a blog post that I found interesting:

The writing has been on the wall for ages America - WAKE UP to what your president is doing to YOUR COUNTRY!! Your Federal Reserve is corrupt and owned by a cartel of bankers who own nearly every central bank in nearly all countries worldwide other than Iran, Syria, Libya & North Korea (not sure about China & Russia - still looking into that) Until recently Iraq was on that list but they got that sorted didn't they??? Does that tell you anything???? 911 might have shaken you up but doesn't seem to have WOKEN YOU UP! On June 4, 1963 President John F Kennedy signed a Presidential decree - Executive Order 11110 stripping the Federal Reserve of its power to loan money (because that's exactly what it does) to the United States Federal Government at INTEREST. Yes that's right - this cartel prints YOUR MONEY and charges YOU INTEREST on it ensuring you are all kept in a perpetual sea of debt. Needless to say that upset the cartel and the rest is history isn't it.

The cartel is:
Rothschild Bank of London
Warburg Bank of Hamburg
Rothschild Bank of Berlin
Lehman Brothers of New York
Lazard Brothers of Paris
Kuhn Leob Bank of New York
Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy
Goldman, Sachs of New York
Warburg Bank of Amsterdam
Chase Manhattan Bank of New York

Do your own research or if you are too lazy to do that watch Zeitgeist which SPELLS IT OUT FOR YOU.

A conspiracy ceases to be a conspiracy once evidence is there to support it. The movies content was no news to me but it will be for millions. Anybody who debunks it is just ignorant of the facts. By the way you people of the world are referred to by this cartel as the USELESS EATERS and they wish to exterminate most of you. Did you know that there is a cure for cancer and has been for over a hundred years? Do what you will but if you wish to be informed then DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND STOP BLITHLY BELIEVING WHAT YOUR MEDIA TELL YOU - THEY WORK FOR THE CARTEL.

While you're at it do a search on nuclear warheads that were ACCIDENTLY flown from Minota Air Force Base to Barksdale Airforce Base in late August. Once you know the facts behind it and if you are alarmed by this THEN YOU SHOULD BE! While you're at it do a search on birth defects in Iraq and see what DU does for a nation. YOUR NEXT - if you allow your president to go to war with Iran that show will be coming to YOUR COUNTRY! Russia & China are allies of Iran and you don't want to be upsetting them. BUT the Cartel don't own their central banks or their oil and they will stop at nothing until they do. So good luck with your so called democracy.

The dollar crashing is just the start and it's been the ballgame for years it's what Bush was put in power to do. Assist the NWO with their grotesque plans.

I will leave you with this quote:

"I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled dominated governments in the world...no longer a government of free opinion, no longer a government of conviction and role of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of small groups of dominant men.

Woodrow Wilson 1913 (who signed over the Fed to these criminals)

Oh hang one ONE MORE!

“It is well enough that the people of our nation do not understand our banking and monetary system for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. The one aim of these financiers is world control by the creation of inextinguishable debt”

John F Haydon
Mayor of New York (1918 – 1925)

You still don’t know and you still don’t seem to care so may God Bless America because you lot
The cartel is:
Rothschild Bank of London - small investment bank with low rankings in the london financial market owned by the english side of the rothschild family

Warburg Bank of Hamburg - part of UBS, I believe

Rothschild Bank of Berlin - part of the french Rothschilds

Lehman Brothers of New York - small investment bank relative to the giants

Lazard Brothers of Paris - strong but small boutique investment bank

Kuhn Leob Bank of New York - Don't know this one

Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy -

Goldman, Sachs of New York - Investment banking global leader with Morgan Stanley and Citigroup but with limited lending capabilities

Warburg Bank of Amsterdam - again part of UBS

Chase Manhattan Bank of New York - the retail and corporate banking arm of JP Morgan Chase, one of the global financial services leaders

This list makes little sence even though it does identify some of the global players but to leave out others such as UBS, Credit Suisse, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, HSBC, etc. makes me think this is a complete farce.
To answer the question posed in the thread title, "Yes, depending upon which section you're watching."
Of the three sections which do you feel are fact?
A lot of the stuff about the bankers is historical fact.
They shouldn't've put the "Jesus = The Sun" stuff at the beginning because that will instantly turn off Christians (whether it's true or not), and bore Non-Christians, when the really factual, incriminating, and partially factual stuff is at the end.
I'm actually watching this thing now. I'm not sure why anyone would believe without reservation that this is all a farce...

I mean, there were a few things here or there that weren't exactly 100% accurate, but the overall message could've been made or connected.

"You have owners. They OWN you. It's a big ****ing club, and YOU and I ain't in it!" - George Carlin

That's basically it in a nutshell.
It's a poorly researched piece of ****.
Well, maybe you can do your own research to debunk them.

It's a poorly researched piece of ****.

Agreed. Christ, with all the conspiracy theories these days, I wouldn't be surprised if someone said the government bombed the Twin Towers and that the planes were special effect videos sent to the news media to fool the American public.

Oh wait....

Where there is smoke there is usually fire .
Its all a conspiracy created by the most vial manipulating being in the entire universe one so intelligent that he has foreseen the future so well and orchestrated his evil plans to the were it only took one man with News Footage, questionable sources, a GoogleVideo Account, and Windows Movie Maker to un-cover his plot..

This of course is our mastermind of incredible intellect and genius:


yes more conspiracy theories...but the moon landing really was filmed in the back of air force shed in the desert

its not that am no good at gramma...just do not care

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