1991's Captain America movie

Kevin Roegele

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May 2, 2000
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I watched 1991's Captain America again revently, and while it's clearly not a good movie in any way, shape or form, it has some overlooked good points.

In it's favour...

1. The costume is spot on. It's somewhat ahead of it's time, actually, given that it's more similar to the look Supes and Spidey have in today's movies than the spandex Christopher Reeve wore four years previosuly.

2. The confrontations between Cap and the Skull are very, very good. Like they came out of another, much better, movie.


3. The Red Skull, despite being Italian and only being red for ten minutes, is a great villain with real screen presence.


4. Matt Salinger LOOKED perfect.


I think Captain America has earned the right to be called, 'average at best' rather than 'bad'! :)

However, one bit of world-class stupidity has to be pointed out. After strapping Cap to a missile which is about to be launched at the White House, the Skull is shocked to find Cap grabs his arm! What does the Skull do, after pulling a knife out? Stab Cap? Cut Cap's hand off? No - the Skull cuts his own hand off! I mean.....was nobody onset awake when they recorded that?
I would buy it if they bring it out on DVD. I have the VHS version and the bootleg VHS which is actually a better cut than the official release.
What differences is there between the bootleg version and the official version?
RonJon_silver said:
What differences is there between the bootleg version and the official version?

There is more of Cap in the WWII sequence. They explain how the President knew that Caps girlfriend was in the cell below him. Those are the only things I can remember right now.
cool i want the bootleg version.
Good luck. I got the bootleg probably back in 90 at a comic book convention. There are some bad things from it though. The footage is very grainy as it was obviously someone who held a camcorder up to the screen and it has at the bottom of the screen "Property of 21st Century Films" through the whole movie. If I had 2 vcr's I'd make you a copy and send it to you.
wow. Movie poo. That's what this was. Directed by Albert Pyun, no?
whew. Now where do I rent this?
I own the 1991 Captain America movie on video here in the UK,
and I agree with Kevin Roegele about what he said with the costume
being spot on and the fights with Cap and The Red Skull were fun to watch
However the sooner we have a new movie,this time with The Red
Skull as a Nazi not an Italian Gestapo,the better.
i have this movie on bootleg DVD. I was at some collectable show and 2 guys had a bunch of bootleg DVDS being sold; mainly stuff not availible on DVD. I picked up 3 DVDs from these guys: Monster Squad, Roger Corman's FF, and Captain America.

I had to have Captain America though...i used to watch it alot on VHS(i'd rent it) as a kid, and i even remember seeing it on AMC once(back when they were still good). So it was kind of nostalgic. Somewhat enjoyable though.
Average?1?!!?!?!? More like AWESOME!!!!!

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