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(2011) Superhero Poster of the Year!


Feb 24, 2008
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This award is representive of all of the superhero subforums. (Batman, Spider-man, The Avengers, Green Lantern, Iron Man, Superman, X-Men, Captain America, etc.) Who do you think is the best poster among these forums? Which member do you always look forward to reading posts from?​
maybe_myself ripse...?
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RealIrOnMaN. He's the go-to guy for all things relating to promotional material.
I'm going to vote for somebody who I like and has a similar temperament as my own.

FilmNerdJamie. I often disagree with him but I can't wait to read his opinions.

Now don't get a bigger head Jamie!:p
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Seconded. Jamie provides great insider info and never shys away from discussion. He travels between several forums and is a great poster. :up:
It was between him and Showtime with me but I just decided to pick Jamie.

His Batman post are some of the best. When he makes a post you know its going to be full of greatness.
I'd say Jamie as well, I like his style, that and Saint, and The Joker.
El Payaso .....a very good poster with strong opinions, knowledge of the material and a tenacity that knows no bounds! haha
Willi Berg and El Payaso. :)

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