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(2012) Superhero Poster of the Year!


Feb 24, 2008
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This award is representive of all of the superhero subforums. (Batman, Spider-man, The Avengers, Green Lantern, Iron Man, Superman, X-Men, CaptainAmerica, etc.) Who do you think is the best poster among these forums? Which member do you always look forward to reading posts from?​
EDIT: Oh shoot, I can only vote for one. I already voted Kane in another thread, so I'll go with... kvz5

Wish I could vote for more than one though, as I really can't pick a "top" favorite.
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Edit: I can only nominate one? Hm.

I already nominated Kane in another thread, so..

The Joker
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Updated my first post.
Specter313 (I think I got those numbers right).

He's a great asset to the X-Men comics boards.
No offense meant but who's kvz5? What boards does he/she post on? (or maybe I'm just not making the connection without an avatar)
I don't understand the reason behind the consolidation of the awards. Especially this award. It would be more personalized if the individual hero forum awards were split up... because, yaknow, the individual hero forums are split up.
Nominations are now closed. Thank you for participating in this part of the awards!

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